Need Help Tired Baby Screaming

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Mel_C - May 7

Hi ladies... I really could use some suggestions. My ds is ten weeks old, and when he is tired he will really scream the house down. He seems to go straight from okay to overstimulated/overtired & screaming. I watch carefully for signs of tiredness but somehow never seem to never get there in time - he stays wide eyed and bushy tailed to the end! So I end up rocking him to sleep, through the screaming. I've really resisted the CIO method (firstly because I find it so stressful to hear him cry, and also because I'm never exactly sure if it's sleep he needs) but I don't know where to go from here - I don't want to be fighting with him to get him to sleep for the next six months or more! Anyway if you have any suggestions or could tell me how your baby was sleeping at ten weeks, that would be awesome.


Jmom - May 7

do you swaddle your baby? We use the Swaddleme blankets from Babies R us- they work amazingly well. It helps put our son to sleep very quickly and helps him stay asleep. He'll be 8 weeks tomorrow and we have used swaddling (Happiest Baby on the Block-book) since he was born. Good luck!


Sarahsmommy - May 7

How long after his nap does it usually take for him to get like that? Watch him carefully the next day or too. About 15-20 mins before he starts to scream lie him in his crib or ba__sinet, wherever he sleeps and then if you have to soothe him you can, by rocking or whatever. I know people will disagree with this and the CIO has worked for them but my doctors office says not to do that before 6 months of age. But believe it or not your baby is probably on his own schedule you just have to figure it out. Before long he'll know ok it's time for mommy to put me down and he'll go to sleep and you won't have to deal with this.


JEN - May 7

Hello ds was EXACTLY like this at this age. He would be playing so happily and then all of the sudden start to scream his head off! What I did was this: I would write down our routine every day for 7 days and then look at the pattern. His little fits would always happen near the same time, so then I would just rock him to sleep about 10 minutes before that and it worked great. At first he would protest for a few minutes, but then he just realized it was nap time and gave up. I truely believe in baby schedules. Also, I tried the CIO method one time and it broke my heart. Now I just rock him until he can't keep his eyes open and then put him in his's been working pretty well for us. Good luck sweetie!


Mel_C - May 8

Thanks ladies... do you know, oddly enough my ds hated being swaddled when he was born... maybe he felt he'd been cooped up for long enough! But when I tried it again, he seemed to quite like it - funny how things change! I'll start keeping notes on his naptimes and "tired-tantrums"... hopefully a pattern will emerge. Thanks so much for your suggestions! :-)


Bonnie - May 8

Keep in mind he should be napping about every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. If he doesn't show signs of tiredness I would put him down anyway at that age. CIO method (based on my doctors advice and instructions) worked wonders for us. If you run out of options and decide to try that, send me an e-mail and I will let you know what we did. :) [email protected]


Jmom - May 9

I am trying to keep a schedule of my own now- feeding and napping b/c myds doesn';t really take naps during the day- he'll take cat naps, but no real long one, so I want to see if he has a schedule or if I need to make him get one ;)


ca_pink - May 9

Our baby's pedi recommend "The Baby Whisperer"... she is 5 weeks old. We swaddle her and give her a pacifier (she sucks on it for less then a minute) and she's off to lala land in less than 5 minutes.


Kat83 - May 10

this might sound weird but lay your baby down in the crib ba__senet or whatever and run the vacuum cleaner for a few mins kinda near the baby like i said sounds weird but my son loves it lol


mom42 - May 10

Do you nurse? I would lay down with baby and nurse her. It calmed her and if she was tired, she would go to sleep.


Mel_C - May 11

Thank you all, I'm finally starting to see a pattern emerging from the chaos!! Just goes to show you how scatterbrained I am at the moment - I had to write it down to see it! Ky has responded really well to being swaddled, and also to loud "shhh-ing"/white noise and being jiggled on his side. I've discovered that the reason swaddling/shushing/jiggling weren't working for me before was because I was doing them wrong!!! Guess I'm just not as clever as I thought I was, lol! :-)


BaileysMummy - May 15 son also goes straight to sleep with the vacuum cleaner. I think it must be popular for alot of babies because you can even buy cd's of it! My ds gets cranky sometimes when he is tired, usually his afternoon nap. I rock him and sing to him until he goes to sleep.



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