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ash2 - February 6

Not to scare you or anything, but when someone has shingles here in the hospital they are on what we call " droplet precautions " which is covering the mouth, and body. If i were you, i would call the doc just to be safe : )


HannahBaby - February 6

Ash2, i know what you mean i was a PCA in a hospital and know all about the droplet precautions!! Thank you all so much for the info and help. Its so scary thinking about him getting sick, he is still SO tiny. I am feeling like im going to go crazy and start carrying like anti bac wipes before people touch him. Ahhh They joys of motherhood!! LOL. WEll thanks everyone (well almost everyone)


Bonnie - February 6

WOW!! You put a 65 in your name. If it's right there in print then it MUST be true!


apr - February 7

where on earth did momma65 pop up from? she must be someone who changed her username, b/c she has not been on here until now. thats very interesting...


apr - February 7

hannahbee-by the way when my ds was 3 weeks old I was with him at a relative whos granddaughter who was 2 was there. later that night they saw she had chicken pox. well she had touched him on his hand and I freaked out totally!!! I was so upset and I was not interested in a 3 week old with chicken pox. well in any case, he thankfully never came down with it, but I was worried for a long time. Cany you just take him to the ped to calm yourself down... I dont know what else would help, b/c I know that kind of feeling... good luck and keep us posted


LollyM - February 7

Hey hannahbaby, I would call the doctor for advice and make sure to ask your mom if she has any illnesses before you bring the kids over from now on! I know you must be traumatized, I would be too! Hopefully everything will be ok. momma65, you are being rude and clearly no one wants to hear it. No one cares how old you are or what year you graduated (even though that would make you about 60+ years old so I seriously doubt that is your real age unless you are caring for a grandchild). You really need to chill out and grow up. I don't care how old you are in numbers, you are clearly very immature when it comes to reality. I agree with Bonnie, go troll some where else.


Rabbits07 - February 7

Okay, this one just hit me b___stfeed, right? Have you ever had chickenpox? If so then you are immune and most b___stfed babies carry their mother's immunities until at least 6 months of age, sometimes longer. I was thinking the same thing as LollyM...someone who graduated in 65 would be around 60 years old. Maybe we've seen momma65 on the news recently as one of those record breaking giving birth at 60 moms??? Perhaps she is a grandmother caring for a grandchild or something like that and anyone who is TRULY interested in infant care is welcome on here. But I think it's a shame when people come on here for the first time just to bash...shame on you! There are disagreements on here frequently, but thankfully MOST of us are mature enough to agree to disagree and get over it and really bind together in times of need.


mcatherine - February 7

Hannahbaby - I hope all is well. I would be the first to sign my kid up to get chxpox, but not at 4 months :o( I guess I'll stick up for Hannahbaby, too. I've been talking to her on and off threads since the beginning of 2nd tri. We've disagreed - agreed - and allbeit blunt at times, she's never proved to be quite as rude as some of the trolls on here -momma65. AND TURN OFF THE FREAKING CAPS. THEY GIVE ME A HEADACHE.


apr - February 7

MC-you totally crack me up. Not sometimes, but always!! Then u say, I am funny. Wish I were funny as you


Emily - February 7

okay lol Bonnie! in print it must be true, that is why the internet is so popular too. I would be a little ticked if I wre you HannahBaby, but kisds, and yes even baies get chicken pox everyday. I thought my mil wasn't very sensitive to things like this but we were planning on visiting her house one day and she called to tell us not to come cause my hubbys sister had shingles. Look at it this way, if he gets chicken pox, (which sounds to be unlikely) he will be done with it. Then you wont have to worry about it or the vaccine. When we were all younger didn't we all have the chicken pox? I realioze your lo is very young but babies have had it beofre and are fine. I would def call your ped and ask him o her to be safe...


soon2bemomof3 - February 7

hannah: was he vaccinated against chickenpox? most of the time they are these days so you wouldn't have to worry. i went through this awhile ago with my niece (she had shingles) and my kids were exposed and the dr said as long as they were vaccinated (which they were) they wouldn't get it and they didn't.


Deirdra - February 7

Hannahbaby, I had shingles when my son was 2 months old...He didnt catch it DR and Ped both told me not to worry until baby is 6 months old...and if anything they will get a very minor cdase of the chicken DS is going to be 4 months next week and still hasnrt shown any signs i gave him anything...


rl- - February 7

well if this makes you feel better when I was prego one of my co-workers came down with shingles and I asked the doc and she told me as long as I had, had the chicken pox not to worry and even if I had not had them the only way I could get them was if a blister had popped and I had gotten that on me which did not happen so it will be ok I am sure...good luck .....and who the heck is this momma65???? funny how the trolls change their names huh!! well momma65 I like hb who cares about the wic thing so you need to go away momma65!!


KLC - February 7

OMG why do people have to be childish??? Hannahbaby came on to ask a serious question and some dumb a__s has to bring up a thread that got misunderstood and out of control from like last week??? Sorry that happened Hannahbaby I would be freaking out too if I were you. I have no experience with shingles but for peace of mind I would call your pedi and see what they have to say about it. Good luck.


olivia - February 7

Ah - rabbits is right, your b___stfeeding will protect your baby from the chickenpox virus. I'd say your little guy is safe ;) The lactation consultant at our hospital had a preemie in a room with a baby with chickenpox. She was freaked out, but everyone a__sured her the b___stfeeding protected her preemie. He never got the chickenpox -- she became a lactation consultant!


HannahBaby - February 7

Yes i am breatfeeding and did have the chicken pox as a child. Thank you so much ladies, i did put in a call to the ped this morning, just waiting to hear back. Thanks for all of your help. I feel alot better.



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