NEED HELP NOW Coxackie Virus

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HannahBaby - June 27

I was wondering if anyones kid ever had coxackie virus while they were pregnant. Im 25 weeks and my daughter was just diagnosed today


TC - June 27

Well the only thing that I know about it is that it is usually the most contagious within the first week. Also...a mom can pa__s it to her child during birth or after and it is really severe if that happens. The best way to keep the infection under wraps is to wash hands and keep out of contact with her bodily fluid. Which I know is not an easy feat. Is there someone that can come over to help you with her...if not then invest in some latex gloves and lysol. I hope that she feels better soon.


Rabbits07 - June 27

I did a gooogle and found that there are different strains. Strain A is not likely to cause problems while Strain B is more likely to cause severe problems. Here is the link: (no dashes). My youngest daughter contracted Fifth's Disease while I was pregnant with Mason so I know what a nervous wreck you probably are worrying about it. I would call the ped and see if you can find out what strain it is to possibly ease your mind some...also notify your ob.


nic nac - June 27

oh no HannahBaby, I hope your daughter gets better soon.


Debi - June 27

Call your OB/GYN, they will be able to tell you best..Good luck to you!! Is Hannah able to eat/drink or is her mouth very sore? My firends kids (all three) had it at the same time and she was in hell, I hope she's better soon!!


HannahBaby - June 27

Hannah just has a rash. Yesterday they said it was just a virus then this morning she had 3 blisters on her foot so i took her back and they said coxsackie virus. They say that its not a really strong strain because she never had the sores in the mouth or a fever.(definatly not strain b) My ob said that they dont worry about it unless you contract it. She said to wash your hands often and avoid her feces and saliva. I tell ya its one thing after another with this kid


flower.momma - June 27

Oh, poor hannah. I hope she feels better soon. I'm so sorry!!!



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