Need Help Planning 1st Birthday Party

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Soleil - November 27

Hello I was wondering if anyone had any Ideas on what to do for my daughter's first birthday party. She will be turning 1 in January so I thought I might start getting things together now.Im not sure about a clown because although my daughter isn't scared of clowns the other kids might be and I want everyone to enjoy the party. There are going to be about 10-15 kids, most of them her cousins or my cousin's kids and their age ranges between 1-12, with the majority being around 4-8 years old. I am going to do it in my basement because it is really big and it opens up to our backyard which is big also,, one problem I might have is that since I live in VA near DC, I know for sure it will be very cold and chances are there might be snow. I'd like to hear some suggestions. Thanks


Jbear - November 27

I didn't have any kids at my older daughter's 1st birthday, just her grandparents and aunts and uncle, because we didn't know any other kids. I made a mini cake for her, it looked exactly like the big one, except it was only four inches across. We put it on her highchair tray and let her squish it, which she really enjoyed...and then she fell asleep with her face in it, overwhelmed by the party.


Ashley - November 28

Instead of a clown, you could maybe do face painting. Just a suggestion. Do you need to do it in your home? If not, you could maybe consider doing it in one of those indoor funlands.


liz - November 28

I always had a wizard instead of a clown when i was little, and games like a chocolate hunt, you know where everyone has to find a chocolate egg/bar. Ok so maybe the 1 year olds wouldnt be the best at this game, but the adult holding her is sure to have a ball! and maybe a pa__s the parcel game obviously with the adults/older kids helping the littl'uns. I bet your daughter will love playing with the wrapping paper.And yeah back to the wizard, he was great cos much less likely to scare than a clown, and he always involved the children more. And being the birthday girl i'd get to wear a cloak and hat like his which at the time was the coolest thing ever lol. Ah happy days....


liz - November 28

Lol and obviously when i said wizard i meant magician! Argh think i have Harry Potter on the brain!



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