Need Help With A Messy Spoon Feeder

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Buffi R. - September 8

My 9 month old daughter has been eating solid foods well for several months now and I think we're entering a new phase where she wants to take over the whole process. She used to hold her mouth open for me, hands down on the tray and let me feed her, and all was wonderful mess-wise! :-) Now that she's older, she wants to hold the spoon herself and fling it all around. I know this is completely normal, but what I'm wondering is, should I just give in and let her make a complete mess, or is there something I can do to help with the flinging hands? I let her feed herself puffs and other finger foods, which she loves, but the jar foods are getting really messy. Please help. thanks!


Malica - September 8

We pretty much gave up on jarred food around 10 months because she would grab the spoon from us after only a few mouthfuls, or if it was thicker jarred food she'd pull it back out of her mouth to examine it, etc, etc. Since it's the only way she'll eat veggies right now (otherwise she eats finger foods), we had to keep trying and the trick of giving her own spoon to play with has worked very well. Many times she has it in her mouth so it's a bit of a task to get around it, but it's enough to make her think she's involved in feeding herself so she's perfectly happy. Definitely worth a shot.


fefer1 - September 8

either give up on the jar food OR giver her another spoon to play with. Finger foods might be a good idea now too instead of jar foods


jenna32 - September 14

here is what i have decided to do... while it is still decent weather anyways. I take dd's highchair with the table outside ( in the backyard) once a week for every meal of that day and let her make a mess, that way i don't have to clean up the floor atleast. The only problem is that she usually just flips the bowl over upside down. she's also 9 months.


jenna32 - September 14

oh yes, i also let her play with a clean spoon after eating when she is in her high chair, i give her a few things to play with while i clean up and a spoon is one of them. finger foods is a great idea though.


Buffi R. - September 15

Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! I've been giving her a spoon to hold & chew on, and also some puffs at the beginning that she can feed herself. I tried diced cooked carrots the other day but made the mistake of giving her the whole bowl and it flipped upside down on my floor. Next time I'll just give her a few of those at a time too like the puffs.



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