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sammykjo - May 23

Hey yall, I have an 8 month old. Lately I have noticed that I am just so tired and have no energy. I thought I might be pregnant, but I got a BFN when tested. I'm getting at least 6 hours of sleep at night. 7 1/2 at the most. My son, for the most part, sleeps through the night. I was just wondering if there is anything yall do to get more energy. I know that exercise works, but I just can't find time to fit it in most of my days.


Astra - May 23

Are you b___stfeeding/pumping or formula feeding? how is your diet? I am pumping and I know I need ot eat a lot or I get really tired too. Do you drink enough water, get enough fresh air? My little guy is only 2 months but I'm already noticing that I have a lot more energy if I eat well (mostly healthy foods and enough proteins and natural sugars), drink lots of water and try to get some fresh air (the hardest for me). Are you taking vitamins? that might help. Exercise seems really hard to fit in but can you get out for a walk with you little one?How is your mood? are you at home or working and if you are at home do you have enough socialization for yourself? I think there are a lot of things that can effect our energy level. If you feel like you are doing everything to be healthy but are still super tired you should maybe talk to your doc...good luck.


BeccaBaby1 - May 23

Sammy, I think Astra is asking all the right questions. I've found that since my little one arrived I need more sleep than I used to and I have to be super conscious of what I eat. My mommy super powers can only thrive if I get more than 6 hours of sleep (8 is better), eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise and take my vitamins. I think it is so important that we prioritize our needs rather than getting bogged down by everyone else's. If I'm not feeling well I'm not the good mom that I want to be. I know it is hard to fit in exercise but even just a short walk with your boyo in the stroller is good for mind and body. Also, there is a product called emergenC that is a vitamin C fizzy drink and it is good for a quick boost of energy and a help for your immune system. I also just started taking Omega 3 supplements and wow I noticed an improvement in my mood and energy right away (and if you are b___stfeeding it's good for your baby's brain development). Good luck and lean on those around you for help when you need it!


cblack - May 24

I know exactly how you feel... My son will be 8 months on Monday, and so I guess we are in the same boat. I thought I was pg as well, and BFN. However... I have been having AF for the last 7 days (usually AF only lasts 5 days, and I switched to Yaz BC pills so it should be even less, but instead is ridiculously long. I dont understand what is going on. Maybe our kiddos are just exerting too much energy for the day! lol!! :)


Malica - May 24

Is the sleep your getting at night uninterrupted? Sleep experts say that it really makes a huge difference. If you're not sleeping through the night, could you get your husband to give you a night off and look after any night feedings? Other than that, try napping when the baby naps. I'm going to have such a hard time going back to work because at 8 months I'm still napping with her. :)


sammykjo - May 29

My son sleeps through the night, so I'm not usually interrupted during the night. And I have been back to work since he was 7 I can't nap when he naps. I just think it is part of being a mom personally. There is just so much more I'm doing on the regular these days than before baby. I don't think your body can adjust that quickly to change. I'm just going with it and trying to get as much sleep as I can and taking naps on the weekends. I'm also trying to fit in a little exercise when I can. Doesn't happen many times a week, but I try.


Gretta - May 29

Hey if you are still b___stfeeding it just makes you tired. I weaned my dd at 10 months and within a month I felt really energized. So like the other girls said. Try and eat snacks and protiens. Also take a nap if the baby is sleeping. I still have to take a snooze in the afternoon in order to function in the evenings. Plus I have found it to be more tiring chasing after a toddler now than in the newborn phase. Hang in there...



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