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mom42 - January 10

OK. So the first few months were great. Baby was sleeping 8 hours by 6 weeks. A few weeks before she started daycare (she is 5 months now), she started waking more at night. I didn't worry about it at first because I was working just mornings. She has never taken a bottle, so would go 5-6 hours without eating in the AMs and I figured she was catching up at night. Now, I am back at work full time and she is waking up 3-4 times every night to eat. She eats vigorously for about 10 minutes, then goes back to sleep. I just pull her into bed, then usually doze off for an hour, then put her back into her bassinet. So, I don't know if she is missing me and wants to be close, is really hungry, is going through a growth spurt, or is just in a bad habit of waking up during the night?!? I am SO tired from having my sleep interrupted and need to get this resolved. Her dad can't help since she doesn't take a bottle. Any suggestions? Please help!


Jamie - January 10

It's probably a combination of her missing you and a growth spurt. If she doesn't take a bottle, I would try a sippy cup. My daughter also hates the bottle, but I just found a sippy cup that she'll take (even from me!!) It's the kind that looks like a sports bottle, and the tip is a soft clear plastic; all she has to do is bite down on the tip, and out the liquid will come, so it works. Other than that, I don't have any advice, but a lot of sympathy!


HEATHER - January 10

Wow she is 5 months and will go 5-6 hours with out eating, how? My dd is 4 months and still eats every2-3hrs. I think that your baby is doing both-catching up on mommy cuddle time and making up for missed feedings. I think you are doing the best thing by pulling her in with you that allows her to eat while you sleep and gives her the mommy time she craves. Try having her stay in bed with you intead of putting her back in the ba__sinet she will sleep longer that way. Since you are full time what does she do for food when you work? Just curious. I would have a screaming miserable baby on my hands if she didn't eat every couple hours.


. - January 11



Shelly - January 11

I would try harder to get her to take a bottle.Also what if you would get sick and can't nurse her.I always think about that kind of stuff.I also made sure with Jesse that DH,my mom and a friend would give him the bottle from time to time,that way he got used to being fed by others.


Kelly K - January 11

I know how you feel.. I think we all do. When Maddy is going through the same thing I just break down and get in the recliner and let her sleep on my chest. I use her pacifier instead of feeding her when I know she isn't really hungry.


mom42 - January 11

Thanks for the sympathy and ideas. Heather-she eats baby cereal/food in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I nurse her over the noon hour. And...she took a sippy cup yesterday and today! Hooray! Shelly-we have been trying a bottle since she was four weeks old. She simply won't take it. Last night was a little better-only three wakings and I got her back to sleep without feeding her one of those times. I fed her cereal before bed, which I had stopped doing since she was eating at school twice. To complicate matters, it is really time for her to move to her crib. She is sitting up now and can pull herself up pretty far, which worries me when she is in her ba__sinet.


Tami - January 12

Hey mom42, have you tried giving her different brands of bottles. We tried so many brands and only now will my Kailey take a bottle-3 and 1/2 months old. She finally took the Playtex Nurser bottle, but we tried EVERYTHING before we tried that. Ironically, it is the first one we tried and she wouldn't take it at first and all of a sudden decided she liked it! hope it continues, although she only seldom gets a bottle-I pump when she does, so it is all b___stmilk! Anyways, I bet she just misses mommy. My girl wakes up more at nights when she is held by others more during the day. She should get better gradually!


tierney - January 12

I'm just curious as to how your daughter is at daycare the entire time without a bottle. You said that you are working full time and I'm a__suming that is an 8 hour work day. Are you stopping by to feed her at the daycare or something? If not, how is she getting food at the daycare? solids maybe?


tierney - January 12

oops...I just read your response...should've done that before posting.


mom42 - January 12

On the bottle-we have tried it all over the last several months. We have now officially given up. I tried every tip on here, short of the fake rubber b___b that you can buy on eBay, with no luck. My older daughter wouldn't take a bottle when she was a baby, either. However, when she started day care at 3 months, she finally took one (only after refusing to eat for a day and a half). My pediatrician's theory is that she'll get hungry enough and take it. It worked with my older daughter, but my new baby is a little more stubborn. The great thing is that she never got to fussy. I worked half days prior to going back full-time and she was home with her dad. I would feed her around 6am and would get home a little after noon and feed her then. She refused to take a bottle from her dad, but didn't get mad, or anything, just content to wait for the real thing... She did get into the habit of a long morning nap. But, she would be awake, smiling, ready to eat when I would get home! I have said all along with this one that she would make a perfect middle child, since she is SO easy-going.


mom42 - January 12

On another note, I did find something that seemed to help last night. She fell asleep on my bed around 8pm and had rolled over onto her belly. So, when I put her in her ba__sinet at 9pm, I laid her on her belly. She slept great! She woke up at 12:30 and 4am to eat (but she didn't have any solids prior to bed time) and went right back to sleep when I put her back on her belly. So, I'm hoping that tonight, with solids before bed AND putting her on her belly, she will sleep through (or at last longer!). Also, I am going to have to put her in her crib. She was peaking over the side of the ba__sinet this morning! Plus, that will give her some more room to move, so she can sleep on her belly or back, whatever she wants. We're going into a four day weekend, so it wiil be a good time to transition to the crib. Thanks for all of your help and I'll post back tomorrow with progress!


Kav - January 12

Is she falling asleep as you are nursing her? When they are tired and hungry, they fall asleep even though they are not yet full and wake up more often for food - causing you a sleepless night. Try stroking here ear or tickling her feet while she feeds so she stays awake to complete her whole feed and gets full up then can fall asleep satisfied. Hope this works so you can get some rest.


mom42 - January 18

Finally-an update! We had some tummy troubles over the weekend and she was actually awake at night and I had to try tricks to get her back to sleep and all of that. Then, we hit the jackpot. With a combination of 1. her being well-fed, 2. her going to sleep on her own, 3. her sleeping in her crib (yes, her own crib in a room by herself!), my baby has slept 10 hours each of the last few nights! Last night I heard her making some noise, but she apparently went back to sleep, because she never started crying. Her dad has been gone for work, so her big sis is sleeping with me, so she has gotten her room to herself, which I think helps. Also, her being farther from me probably keeps me from waking up at every sound. In addition, she moves ALL OVER that crib. I think that maybe in the ba__sinet, she just wasn't comfortable (maybe it was her head rubbing against one end and her feet hitting the other : ).. So, hopefully, things will be good now. Thanks for all of your help on this one! Oh, BTW-she took 4 oz. from a sippy cup at school yesterday! I think she is starting to get the hang of it.



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