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brwneyedbbydll - February 11

Question: Ladies I am so confused about this please help... I have been with my fiance for almost 3 years, we had a baby in october and everything has been great. he proposed in November I never pressured him to do this he said this is what he wanted. We get along so well, we rarely fight and we talk all the time. We both go to school and he works full time. We were looking for a house all last month and last weekend on the 2nd he comes home from a boys night out and says he is unhappy and doesn't want be with me! Out of no where, he never seemed unhappy about anything. SO can someone tell me whats wrong or why all of a sudden leave me and our 3 month son? It has only been a week and he already found an apartment,so I know this is no temporary thing. I don't know what happened and all he keeps telling me is is was unhappy. I never saw any signs of him cheating on me but I think he is seeing someone now. ANd he dropped out of school.Whats do u guys think si going on? ?


Deirdra - February 11

Although I cannot offer you any advice in the matter, I am very sorry you are going through this and i will kepp you and your baby boy in my thoughts and prayers....i hope it all works out for you hun...: )...


ash2 - February 11

I am going to go out on a limb here, hon and say he found someone else. Very mean and cruel of a man he is ! The reason i said this is because him going to a party then coming home and saying he was unhappy goes to show me he realized he wanted freedom when he was out, and in the midst, found another girl to share it with. I hope you and your baby can work something out and get through it. Be strong for your baby. He is too young to know anything !


mosley12 - February 11

if he's acting compltely different, dropping out f school and such, can he be doing drugs?


jillianT - February 11

sounds like reality has set in for him and he realized he doesn't want to be tied down w/ a family. it's a terrible situation. try to be strong.


Felisha - February 11

well i agree and disagree with some of these posts. it sould be he found someone else it could be he got cold feet and decided he wasnt ready it sould be that he is bored with things (men get that way) my dh and i just went trhough this only i was the one who wanted to leave. although dh is great the spark left our realationship. we talked things out and decided that atleast every two weeks we get alone time to either just talk to go out.i dont know how to tell you to fix this but it sounds like ya'll had a good realationship. try and get him to sit down and talk with you about what he is feeling so you can do what you need to in order to fix things if that what you want. and if he doesnt want to talk then tell him its for the sake of the baby. i hope things work out for you and i hope that he figures out what he really wants and stops putting you through so much


Rabbits07 - February 11

Hard telling what happened. Could be some of the guys really talked to his head about how he would be hitched to the old ball and chain forever....or he may have met someone else while out that night that really turned his head and showed an interest in him and it dawned on him that as a married man there would be no more of that....or he may have just got to thinking while out and realized he didn't feel ready for marriage....or maybe he had been feeling that way for a while and it took a few drinks to get him to admit it. What makes you think he's seeing someone else now? If he actually is seeing someone else I would be willing to bet that she is the reason this happened and not someone he's met in the week since you and he split. I just can't see someone getting out of a serious 3 year relationship with someone they have a child with and immediately start dating again unless the person they are dating was already in the picture. Regardless, I hate that you are having to go through this. Has he expressed any interest to continue a relationship with his son? I know it feels c___ppy right now, but you will get through this.


Smilefull - February 12

Men react funny to babies. They REALLY get freaked out---and ofcourse, then they run. It sucks, because the women is the one left holding the baby. If this will give you hope my husband freaked out too---wasn't my husband at the time---but in due time came around. Take care of you. If he wants to leave, you don't want to be with him---let him go. Cut him out...and if he grows up and realises he's being a complete idiot---he'll come back, otherwise it's best he is out of your life anywys


soon2bemomof3 - February 12

i agree with ASH2, i would really think he found someone else. I went throught this about 8 years ago, got engaged in May of 1998 and he found someone else in October of 1998. Out of nowhere this happened. And he said the same thing, he wasn't happy anymore. Sorry :( I know it hurts but it WILL get better. I know it' s hard with a l/o, I was pregnant with my dd and found her dad cheating on me and I got through that too, also SEVERAL years ago and now my dd is 9 years old, I am married to someone else and have 2 other chidren with my dh, things WILL work out, I am proof.



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