Need Some Input On Starting Solids

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Kiersten - May 8

Hi ladies. My ds is 5 months and although we're not starting him on anything other than bm yet, I'm trying to figure everything out before hand. I'd like to make our own baby food, but I'm not sure how much of anything I should make or what I should store it in. What are the "rules" for refrigeration after he's eaten some? Am I supposed to throw away what he doesn't eat? I did find some 1st stage food recipes on-line, so I've got a pretty good idea of what to feed him, just not totally sure on all the details. I guess I could call his pedi, just thought I'd get your opinions first! When I brought up foods with his pedi he said it'd be easier to tell me what NOT to give him rather than a list of ok things. So, I know the no-nos, but I'm not clear on the quant_ty, storage or rations. Thanks for your help!


Kiersten - May 8



shireelk - May 8

Hi Kiersten! Well..heres what I do with dd. I started her on rice cereal at 4 months, because she was ALWAYS hungry! I ended up having to switch her to oatmeal, because the rice made her constipated.:( I recommend starting with rice cereal and then moving on to veggies. Ive heard that some babies are fussy with veggies when they start with fruits first. I suggest zucchini, potatoes, green beans, broccoli, carrots, b___ternut squash, and sweet potatoes. (in that order) Fruits..apples, pears, bananas, and peaches. Those are good starters. Like you, I wanted to prepare all dd foods, and it is way easier than you think! Peel, cut into pieces and cook in water until fork slides through easily. I then drain and puree in blender with a little water until consistancy is right. Then I pour into ice cube trays and freeze. When frozen I dump into freezer bags and label. This works well for portioning- if you want baby to eat leftovers then you need to only serve what you think baby will eat and put the rest in fridge for later. (they say once saliva gets in it is contaminated) Ice cube method: Fruits and veggies are good in freezer for up to 6 months, fish and milk products 1 month, and red meats and chicken 2 months. This has worked well for us- I hope I helped! Oh and dd has been eating solids for almost 3 weeks and she eats about 2 oz after a half of a milk feeding. Her schedule is wake, milk, fruit/oatmeal, milk, milk, milk, veggie, milk, bed.


Kiersten - May 9

Shireelk, thanks so much for your input! We may start him on solids next month...not sure yet. Would your dd eat one whole cube of food? I'm just not sure how much to give him. So I shouldn't give him part of something and then let him finish it later? Do you use a regular blender or do you think I ought to look into something smaller? Seems like it'd make more sense to do it in something small since the portions won't be that big...?


shireelk - May 9

Yes she eats a cube, usually more than that! Once you start you can mix them together..I mix potatoes, carrots, and green beans for a dinner meal. You will get a good idea when you start cereal. It takes them a couple weeks to catch on. At first most of it will end up on their bib! If you dont think ds will eat it all just scoop half into something to serve for now and put the rest in the fridge for later. (although cube size is pretty good). And I use a regular blender..there really isnt any sense in buying something different if you already have one. It is big, but does the job just fine. Somethings will be harder to pour though due to thickness, so you will have to spoon into ice cube trays.


Krissy25 - May 9

Kiersten, I make all my own food and i love it, i wouldn't do it any other way. Basically what shireelk was saying is how i started off too. A really good book you might want to check out is Blender Baby Food, by Nicole Young. I really like this book b/c it sort of gives you an idea of what babies can start eating each month from 6 months on. It has lots of great recipes. I know how you feel, it seem intimidating at first but once you get going it's a no brainer and if you do it right you should only have to make something every week to 10 days. Good luck.



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