Need Some Me Time

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DeeJay - January 14

I love my dd and enjoy my life, but I am getting so burnt out. I take care of dd all day Mon. through wed, then go to work as soon as dh gets home. Thurs, I drop her off al mil and work all day same on friday and sat. Sunday I work also then come home and take care of dd. So no time to just do what I would like to get done. I used to go to dance class and I really moss that and I need the exercise!!! But even just time to get stuff one around the house would be nice. I would like to bring up the subject of putting dd in day care for a few hours once a week but we are sorta paycheck to paycheck and I can't really justify that if I am home and can watch her.( plus we are not doing alot of vaccines right now and day care wants them to have all up to date.) I just get so bored also during the day just playing with her, she is only 4 months so it is a bit dull. Although it is wonderful when she does something new. I just used to work 14 hour days, and run, run run! and I enjoyed that. Now I feel like I am so tied down. I hope I am not being selfinsh, but I didn't think I ever would have kids, as I really enjoy my freedom, but now that dd is here I love her with all my heart, but it is so hard giving up who I am. I can't even go to a weight watchers meeting as I have no time, and she is to young to sit quietly throught the whole meeting!!! Plus it is so cold here right now I don't want to cart her all over in the cold. I guess I don't expect any magic answers maybe just knowing if anyone else feels like this!!!


foxhoundsrgr8 - January 14

I completely understand what you mean...It's strange to think that you don't have time to do all those things you took for granted before. I used to be a total exercise addict, but now, I'm lucky if I get to do any cardio a day at all (which, unfortunately, shows!). My dh helps for half an hour in the evening and maybe 10 mins here and there during the day, but apart from him, I'm all by myself. It would be nice to be able to sleep in, just once, maybe, or have time to go to the hairdresser's or shopping, or anything. I guess, I just have to wait. Then again, I love him (ds) so much, I know it's all worth it, but I do miss these things still..


amyh - January 14

You are definitely NOT alone! My friends and I always talk about this. We actually took our first "mommy" day off this past weekend and went shopping in the city- enjoyed some wine with lunch and had a coffee later on. It was much needed and was great to get home and have my daughter whining when she saw me, because she actually had a chance to miss me! We are definitely planning to do that more often!!!!


mandee25 - January 14

Every mom needs some "me" time but it can be difficult to find the time for it. For instance, right now, being on this site, I cla__sify that as "me" time. lol To be able to SLEEP IN! omg......would that be nice. I would just like to be able to get 6 hours of sleep straight with no interruptions once in a while. DeeJay, you are not alone on this one. My little Noah has my heart but there are some things I miss from my "old" life. Don't feel bad hunnie. I feel the same way somedays.


DeeJay - January 15

Thanks for your replys. I talked to my dh last night about this and he understands. He is a helpful dad but the reality is he makes more $ so he has to work his job and I am home more. But He is going to watch dd on Sunday mornings so I can start going to a weight watchers meeting before work. He also said I spoil my dd to much by always picking her up and playing with her. (she will be 5 months on Sunday) But the thing is if I don't play with her and just put her in her swing or bouncer, she'll just fall asleep. I wish she would entertain herself alittle more, but at this age I guess they really can't. If she did I would have at least more time at home to get stuff done. Mandee25, yeh this is my ME time also!!!! I am trying to get a girls dinner out together, but they also have young ones and some of their dh aren't as good about watching thier kids so it is hard, but I'll keep trying! I guess I just had a hard week this week!!! Plus the weather is gross so that doesn't help. But I am going to think positive today!! Thanks!!


Kelly K - January 15

Wow.. I'm glad I'm not the only one!! My daughter is 14 months old and I feel the exact same way. I work a full time job in HR and then come home to take care of her. My hubby works weekends so I'm home alone with her all day. Thankfully I enrolled in some Spanish cla__ses twice a week and that will give me an hour break for the next 2 months.


missy - January 15

Hey DeeJay-I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes just to go out shopping by yourself or taking a nice long bath is a nice little break! Everyone deserves time away now and then.And by the way I believe that you can never spoil a baby by holding them--take that in while you can--they grow up way too fast!!!!!



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