Need To Vent About Sister In Law

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hrsmith - May 19

My ds came down with another cold a couple of days ago, and I had to pick him up at daycare because he started to run a low grade fever. This is the second cold in a month. The reason I am a bit irritated is because I know my son got it from my nephew. This is the second time our nephew has been sick and she never says anything, but more importantly, she doesn't even keep him from trying to touch the baby. If I had noticed it earlier, I would have made sure to keep my son withing distance. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those mothers that doesn't want her son to go anywhere or be around anyone for fear he will get a cold, but I just know that I would always let someone know if I was sick if I knew there was a baby around. I don't know... I just feel like it should be common courtesy.


BaileysMummy - May 19

Of course! I would be very upset if someone let their sick kid around my son without even telling me. My son had open heart surgery when he was 3 weeks old and spent 9 wks in hospital. My partners aunt wanted to come see him when she had a virus!! We ended up telling our families he wasn't allowed visitors (which wasn't really a lie anyway, as he had an infection and was in isolation). She could have told you and just made her son keep his distance.


Rabbits07 - May 19

Some mothers shock me. I know when I took my ds to the doctor when he was 4 days old for his weight check we were in the well baby waiting room. Well, we're setting there and all of the sudden in bursts 3 little kids (alll looked around age 4 & under and SICK--coughing and runny noses). They immediately headed our way. I kept waiting for the mother to come in, but she never did. I had to keep telling them to please not try to touch the baby. The nurse called us back after a couple of minutes and when I go through the regular waiting room there is the mother watching television! (this was the first thing in the morn and it was only us and them there so I knew she was their mom--or caregiver.) It ended up that they got finished seeing their doctor at the same time we did and we all ended up at the front desk together. I had to hold my baby up in the air in his carrier--no kidding, about shoulder height---while one of the kids is trying to grab him and screaming, "I wanna pet the baby! I wanna pet the baby!" The mom just stands there and says nothing! Anytime my kids and I are out, if we see a baby I always tell my kids look but don't touch, even if they aren't sick.


kimberley - May 19

I would be upset too....especially as my DD has reflux, and when she gets sick it is 10 times worse :( Some parents just dont care.


J.J. - May 19

I agree, that's really irresponsible and rude. If there's any silver lining (i'm reaching here), take solace in the fact that your baby's prob building up a nice, healthy immune system. There's a kid at daycare that is constantly infecting everyone else. (actually the adults more than the kids). A friend who's a dr says at least you're getting all this illness out of the way now...the children either get exposed at daycare age or kindergarden.


Ginny - May 19

I'm glad I'm not alone in this! I was sitting RIGHT NEXT to a family once, and a little girl kept wondering over and trying to "play" with the baby. I had to ask her OVER and over not to touch, and every time I looked at the parents, they would smile at me. She started roughly rocking the carrier, and I had to take dd out (had been sleeping.) After that the littlle girl saw dd's paci in the carrier and stuck it in her mouth before I could stop her. Again - smiles from the parents! What were they waiting for? My mom said that there was a little boy in church who used to wonder over and mess with us, and she'd ask him to leave over and over. After weeks and weeks of it, she finally decided to spank him. She figured that if his mom didn't see him picking on other kids, that she wouldn't see him get spanked! Of course, that was 25 years ago, nowadays she would have been sued.


hrsmith - May 19

Thanks for sharing with me. Sometimes I feel like I am being snotty about it, but I guess everybody does think differently. I have been trying to take on your att_tude J.J. and keep a positive outlook that he is getting his immune system built up. I guess we have to think whatever way will make us happy and stay positive:)



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