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AnytimeLittleone - January 20

I usually take a bath with my dd. She is 6 months. I figure, I have a bath nightly anyway, so I might as well kill 2 birds with one stone. This morning, I woke up with my first, and only yeast infection. Its horrible! I never want to have one of these ever again! Im worried that my dd is going to get one too, because we have been bathing together. Should I take her to the doctor? Can lo's get va___al yeast infections? What should I be watching for? I have never had a yeast infection, so I have no idea what to look for in terms of symptoms... any help/advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!


aurorabunny - January 20

You should call your doc and ask for's a couple rounds of pills that is SO much better than using those nasty messy creams. Then maybe you can ask him while you're on the phone?? I've actually wondered the same thing as I've never had them before either but have been dealing with them recently due to being on large amounts of antibiotics. Fun stuff, aren't they??? Hope you feel better soon!


ssmith - January 20

I think that yeast infections are contagious, and that your LO could get a yeast infection of some kind or another. I would take her to the Dr. asap.


Nerdy Girl - January 20

I disagree with the ASAP thing because being in the tub with her is not a guarantee that she will get a yeast infection. I would watch for signs of her having an infection, and then call the doc if you see anything. Examples - redness similar to diaper rash, white discharge, discomfort, etc. Why medicate your baby unnecessarily? OT Side Note: Here is an interesting thing that I did not know. Boys can get them too. My son has a yeast infection when he was a few months old, and I mistakenly thought it was diaper rash.


Allie - January 20

I've adopted my oldest (she came with hubby) - her birth mom gave her a yeast infection by bathing with her, and now she get's them a couple of times a year! Her brother (our middle child, also a freebie) also had a yeast infection from her (he does not have any problems now). I would definitely get it checked out to be safe. When my daughter get's one of these it's horrible. She screams from the pain. They have gotten less frequent as she has gotten older, but it seems once you have had a yeast infection you are more prone to get them in the future.


shelly - January 20

wow thanks for that info nerdy girl i didnt know boys could get them too,thats good to know,ive just got over a yeast infection myself,i always get it if i have antibiotics,not much fun,hope your dd ok anytimelittleone and dosent get it,at least you know what to look out for now.


AnytimeLittleone - January 20

I cant imagine a baby coping with this. I thought bladder infections were bad, this is worse! Allie, oh no! I was really hoping that the risk of dd getting the yeast infection via the bathtub was minimal, but your story is proof that its possible. I called the health line this afternoon, and the nurse told me that she has never seen an infant with a v____al yeast infection, but that she has seen yeast rashes. Nerdygirl, my dd currently has a rash, Im wondering if its yeasty and thats how I got the infection (because Ive never had one before!) Has anyone ever had a baby that for sure had a v____al yeast infection? Do they get symptoms just like adults?


Kara H. - January 20

Anytimelittleone - I think it would be only a slim chance she would get it. While it is possible, it would be unlikely. Especially since you just woke up with it. Its not like you have been ignoring it for quite a while. I would just keep an eye on her for readness and if you really wanted to be extra careful, cut out any fruit or juice from her diet for a week or so since yeast need sugar to survive. -Allie - Some people are really suseptable to yeast and actually have an "internal system" yeast overgrowth - sounds like your daughter may be one of them. If she has any digestive issues (bloating, cramping, IBS-type symptoms) it is probably in her digestive track too. It can usually be corrected by going sugar free for about 6 months. Some women have to eat that way long term, but most can get rid of it in 6 months. You should google it and see if it sounds like her.


AnytimeLittleone - January 20

UPDATE: I put Eva in the bath tonight and she screamed her head off! I pryed apart her little labia, and saw that her v____al area is SO red. I called the health care provider back, and she said that its likely an irritation from some stool, or wiping. She said the odds of a baby getting a v____al yeast infection are little to none. She instructed me to take her to the clinic at 9am tomorrow morning. I asked her about mothers bathing with babies, and she (to my relief), said that generally there is nothing wrong with a mother bathing with her child. Im so glad, because I really cherish our bath times... However, if this IS a yeast infection that she has, I'll be thinking twice about bathing together :(


Rabbits07 - January 20

I know yeast infections are contagious but as to whether it would be transmittable through the tub I'm not sure. Seems like the soap and hot water would make it unlikely. Sometimes soaps can be irritating to a little girl's private parts, especially the adult soaps and if the water gets really soapy and she isn't getting all the residue out of her privates. Contrary to what your dr. said the chances are not little to none of a a baby girl (or boy) getting a yeast is actually quite common when they are on antibiotics and also the warm, wet enviroment of a diaper is the perfect breeding ground for yeast.


punkin01 - January 21

i agree with rabbits about your Dr being wrong i have known several friends kids to get them as babies.....and as for the boys my son was on antibiotics and he got a diaper rash (i thought) it never occured to me a yeast infection because at that time i had never had one i tried EVERY diaper rash cream on the market and every "cure" that was told to me after a couple of days i took DS to the Dr and he had a yeast infection from the medication and i felt so bad because had i known it was a possibility i would have taken him in sooner..........


AnytimeLittleone - January 21

Ok, we went to the clinic this morning and saw the pediatrician. Apparently, when babies teethe, their bodily PH gets messed up. Hes attributing the raw-ish v____al area primarily to teething, and then the amplification of symptoms due to the hot moist environment of the diaper. He said that there probably is some yeasty characteristics, so Im supposed to apply canestan cream to her at each diaper change (which she doesnt seem to mind.) He also told me that the odds of her getting the yeast infection from the bathtub isnt likely, and that babies often get topical yeast issues (rashes or irritations) due to diapers, as theyre perfect breeding grounds for yeast and other bacteria. Thank you so much everyone for all of your help... I seriously dont know what Id do without this forum (probably worry constantly!)



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