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Kathleen - April 26

I have a son who is EXTREMELY gassy. Which bottle do you ladies think will help us the most? Right now he's using playtex ventaire, but the gas is soooo bad that I thought we'd give something else a try. He br___tfeeds half of the time, so they have to be br___tlike nipples. Dr. Brown wide neck (the only problem is that the wide neck bottles are HUGE and my son is tiny...only 9 pounds) OR Playtex nursers with the dropin liner??????


JAI - April 26

Hi Kathleen...I have a son who is almost 6 months old, I have been using the Avent bottles from day 1, I have never had a problem with them, the nipples come in size 1 2 & 3 and are designed to reduce colic. I really like Avent alot. Good Luck!


pbj - April 26

I love the playtex nurser since you can remove all the air from the bottle, it simulates the b___st so switching back and forth is easier and since you change the bags with each feeding you don't have to worry about funky bottles. I tried the vent aire and avent bottles and found that my dd was still extremely ga__sy with both.


erin - April 26

i nurse, but when i do give my son a bottle it is a playtex nurser...pbj already covered why. you can put a few drops of gas medicine in the bottle and it'll get rid of the bubbles.


tiffani - April 26

I prefer Playtex Nursers. I've heard good things about Dr. Browns, but apparently washing all the pieces and putting them back together are quite a pain. I'm NOT a fan of Avent or any other plastic bottle. They always get air bubbles in them. The beauty of the Playtex Nursers is you can squeeze all the air out. If switching bottles doesn't work, maybe switching formula will. What kind do you use? :o)


Kathleen - April 26

Tiffani, I started with Similac Advanced with Iron, then tried Nestle Good Start with Iron. Both yielded the same results. I am now using Member's Mark from Sam's club. It's exactly like Enfamil Lipil. About the Playtex Nurser, do you only squeeze the air out at the beginning of the feeding session??? I burp Daniel quite often during feedings and when I've used this kind of bottle before I noticed the bag would refill during the burping. I hated constantly squeezing the bag. Do I need to do that???


krnj - April 26

Kathleen, how is the Members Mark? My ds is on Similac w/iron but he's really ga__sy. I use the dr browns bottles but I don't really see a difference.


Nerdy Girl - April 26

My son was EXTREMELY ga__sy when he was younger. We started with Avent bottles, which were great for my first baby but did nothing for my son but make his gas worse. We tried the Playtex Vent Aires, but those were no better. We only got positive results when we switched to Dr. Browns bottles, Enfamil Gentlease formula, and gave him mylicon drops at the start of every feeding. My son is 5 months old now and things are much better with respect to his ga__siness. We don't even give him the mylicon anymore. Hang in there!



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