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Sindel - March 14

okay.. so last night my son would not sleep. He was up until 3am and was woke up at 9am... hes been a total crank allll day and refused to nap.. So I decided it was an early bedtime tonight.. well my neighbors kids are now playing basketball and their driveway is right next to my sons window. Last time they were out until after 9pm and kept him awake screaming. They were even rebounding the ball off of my house.. Is it too early to ask that they stop? Its only 7pm but he just went to bed and went right to sleep after a warm bath and story.. and now I know he will wake up soon screaming because of them.. I can hear them and I am on the other side of the house.... I am so frustrated right now I want to scream.. What would you do?


SonyaM - March 14

Oh that's a hard one. I would say if you know them well you could call the mom and explain the day your son had and that he just went to sleep. Maybe she would understand and bring the kids in. Our neighbors drive is right outside my kids windows too. There are times it's a problem but I have never said anything. I HATE confrontation.


jb - March 14

We had a similar situation when I was growing up. The people next to us were old and HATED every kid (at least it seemed so). The people on the other side of them had 4 boys and they loved to play hoops. To make along story short, the old people hated it but politely talked to the boys parents and they made a rule 'no hoops after 7pm (or whatever the time was)'. I think going about it nice and politely will certainly help. Obviously your neighbors were in your shoes at one time. Hopefully you have a good relationship with them and they will be willing to help you out.


LollyM - March 14

I would go over there and politely ask them to make sure the ball does not hit your house and tell them why. If they do it anyway, talk to the parents. Or, like these ladies said, try to make a compromise with the parents. Good luck! don't feel bad about going over there, if you don't tell them what is going on, they will never even know there is a problem =)


Sindel - March 14

Thanks for the advice =) Its been a frustrating day. I actually called a friend of mine and she says the same thing but theres always a but.. hehe.. that its probably something we all have to get used too.. not the ball hitting the house.. but the playing ball.. summer is coming. They ended up going inside around 8 so it wasnt so bad.. not to mention when my boys are old enough Im sure Id rather them outside playing than being inside.. so i let it go. I just really wanna move out of this house.. its a rental and is on a lease until october.. Yesturday.. the neighbors kids from the house behind us were jumping from their garage roof to ours and running around up there. Hello lawsuit waiting to happen.


Nerdy Girl - March 14

Your son will eventually get used to the noise. I never thought my kids would, but they did. I live in a neighborhood where everyone is buying up the old small houses to tear them down and put up mansions. I am not joking - there have been at least two nearby houses under construction at all times for the past 5 years. There is only one little ranch left on my block that has not been touched yet. My neighborhood is LOUD all the d__n time from the construction - bobcats, wrecking b___s, carpenters hammering stuff, etc. It makes me crazy but somehow my kids sleep thru it. It's sort of scary because my older child who is 4 has been so conditioned to noise that she slept thru our fire alarm a few weeks ago. Our house is also new construction and we have smoke detectors in every room that are all hardwired together so when one goes off, they all ring. It was a false alarm and just a glitch in the system, but my daughter slept thru 21 minutes of a blaring fire alarm directly over her bed. Amazing!


DeeJay - March 15

This happened to us, except it was adults!!! Well. 19-20 year olds. They also played until 3 am cursing and girls would fight and it was crazy. I called the police, but they never did anything (and our area is not like this, we always get the rude people next to us!) I think though it bothered me more than my dd. She slept through everthing. We did eventually move. You just have to be careful with confrontation, these people would have retaliated if they knew we called the cops or if we said anything to them. But if the neighbors seem nice, maybe a nice chat could be helpfull. I just don't know how some people can be so rude, like they are the only ones on the planet.



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