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Angiconda - February 11

Hi I was checking out your pictures and I must say they are awsome and your kids are very cute. I am actually in the process of opeining a studio and I noticed that you have a studio. I was wondering what kind of camera you have and where you get your props? I have some stuff but like I said I am just getting started. Do you have any pointers or advice for me? I appreicate any advice you are willing to share.


Nerdy Girl - February 11

Where are you located? Are you thinking about renting space or working from home? To answer your questions, I have a Fuji S3, with two S2's as backups. I work from home and have my bas____nt permanently converted to a studio. I am not very heavy on the props. I do of course have a few things that I have picked up here and there along the way, not from anywhere specific though. I highly recommend Alien Bees as good studio lights at a reasonable price. I also really like Silverlake Photo's backdrops. You can watch for their specials to get a great price, or they have an Ebay store called Photo4U2. The best advice I can give is to join a local professional organization. It's the seminars and the networking that will help get you where you want to go. Feel free to email me thru my site


SuzieQ - February 11

Hi - I just wanted to jump in on this conversation too :) I'll be starting my fourth year of university in september (fine arts) and am looking into setting up a studio as well. I didn't even think of joining a local photographer's group - good idea. Nerdygirl, how large is your studio? That's where I'm not sure. We'll be moving next year and want to make sure I have enough space. Last, do you have a darkroom as well or do you have a business develop your prints?


Nerdy Girl - February 12

I have to check the exact square footage of the studio, but I want to say somewhere around 800 or 900 sqare feet. My darkroom is now back to being a storage closet because I am 100% digital and use a pro lab for printing.


Angiconda - February 12

I am in MN ,I have an olympus E500 that I just got in September of last year. I have converted my basment into a studio as well I have 4 backgrounds right now that I got for a very good price the no dashes. I will have to take a look at your site mine it still a work in progress lol. I am hoping this will take off so I won't have to work anymore. Right now I have 2 photogenic lights and a softbox that we got for a really good deal on ebay with the stands and umbrellas as well. I think I still have a lot of playing around to do but I think I would love to find a job in a studio just for some more experience and actually get paid for it lol. Thanks for your advice I will have to check around for a organization.


Nerdy Girl - February 12

I have bought from Amvona as well. They have an Ebay store too, so watch that for good sales. My site is going to be updated soon... it's very old! The pic of me and my daughter in the About Me section - she's less than 2 there and she is now 4, plus I have another kid! LOL.


Nerdy Girl - February 12

You can check out and see what local chapters are in Minnesota. That will help you find a pro group versus a camera club. I belong to both a pro group and a group that is more like a glorified camera club. Both groups are great and I have learned a lot and made great contacts at both. You can also check out H&H Color Lab when you are ready for a pro lab. They are so great to work with, but I don't think they will take you on as a customer until you provide your business license and tax ID number.


Angiconda - February 12

I will check them out I have my tax ID and all that. I just need to get my b___t in gear. I like your site. I wish ds would be a little more photogenic lol all in time I guess considering he is only 6 months. I don't have any schooling other then what I took in high school and I took a few cla__ses that I got with my camera other then that it is just a pa__sion of mine.


Nerdy Girl - February 12

Well, SuzieQ will probably disagree with me about this but I don't think you necessarily have to have a degree in fine arts to do this. I really WISH I had a degree in fine arts because this is my pa__sion, but I was always such a science and math nerd that I actually got a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering. A lot of good that is doing me now, huh? Yes of course you must have the basic skills and an artful eye, but you have to be able to work with all kinds of people, have a business mind, and just be organized and driven enough to run your own business. I will be honest with you --- there are days that I wished I waited until my kids were in school before officially starting the business. There is SO MUCH MORE to it than just taking pictures. The behind the scenes work to keep a business afloat really takes way more time than I estimated. Even doing this part-time I have way more business than I have "kid-free hours" to do the work in. I am pretty frazzled because I feel like all I do is take care of my kids and work on stuff for my clients. I can't remember when I actually did something just for myself. But I guess I am spending all of my time on my two pa__sions - my kids and my photography - so that is a good thing.


Angiconda - February 13

I agree on the keeping a business afloat is hard work dh has been work full time plue running a computer business for the last 5 years and at 1 point even had a store front. That kind of sucks you haven't had anytime for your self but like you said you are doing things you are pa__soniate about. What kind of software do you use?


Nerdy Girl - February 13

Photoshop (of course) for the orders, and Quicken for the books (I want to look into Quick Books this year though because it's getting more complicated.)



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