Nervous Please Dont Judge Me

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browneyes21 - June 19

i have a month old... my husband laid our baby in a infant little was only 2 inch off the carpet...and he rolled off...!!!! he doesnt seem hurt i checked him... has anyone had this happen... i feel like im the WORST new mom ever!!! could he be hurt??? WHAT SHOULD I DOOOO??????????????


katiepoole - June 19

DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP SO MUCH! Accidents happen. It's a learning experience being a parent.. My suggestion would be just to run it by your doctor. That always makes me feel better. Believe me as your baby gets older they will do things even when you're being EXTRA careful. It's their nature I think. As long as you don't do something on purpose which you didn't--don't be so hard on yourself!!! If it would make you feel better call the dr. I called our A LOT in the first couple months :) and still do just not as much :) My dtr threw her head into our ceramic tile floor last month scared me to death I watched her activity and everything she did and then the next morn I took her to the dr and had them check out her head. Everything was fine. Good Luck!!!!


lissica - June 19

When my friends baby was around the same age she put him in the car seat but didn't strap him in yet and her husband picked up the seat at an angle and the babe face planted on the ground. She felt horrible but he was fine. Don't feel bad even though it's hard. I think if he was hurt he'd be crying non stop. If it didn't faze him much my guess is he's ok.


sarah21 - June 20

Don't worry about it! Seriously, worse happens to a lot of kids. Carpet is padded and at this age, babies are practically rubber. They are way more resilient than we give them credit for. Stuff happens even to great parents. It's really no big deal.


Crystal83 - June 20

Accident's happen! It's okay, I'm sure you would never intentionally hurt your baby. If it was only a couple inches from the carpet I'm sure he's fine. You would know if he was hurt, because he would be constantly crying. These things are bound to happen at some point during your life as a parent. I remember when my 2nd dd was about 2 months old I went to cut her nails and she moved her hand a bit and I ended up cutting off a big chunk of her skin on her thumb and it was bleeding, I was soo upset with myself and I always had my husband cut her nails after that because I was too scared to do it. We had to wrap her thumb up in a bandaid and a little peice of cloth taped over it because it was bleeding through the bandaid. it wasn't bad enough to go to the Dr. but I almost took her, lol. I know how horrible it feels when you accidently hurt your child, so I can relate to how you feel. *hugs* your lo is fine now and you can put it in the past .


margie - June 20

i think you would know if he is hurt, if he still is behaving normally then he is probably was on carpet and very short fall. i almost feel like this kind of thing is a rite of pa__sage for new moms, its like you have to have the initial non damaging accident...when my daughter was a couple of months old i took her in bed with me and let her sleep on my chest, but i was kind of sitting up on the headboard, at some point she rolled off of me and onto the floor head first!!!! i woke up with her crying and her feet sticking up in the air! i picked her up and she stopped crying immediately and went back to sleep unbruised and undamaged in anyway. but still, oh my god, i cried and cried and was so scared and felt like the worst mom ever, but in a way it just made me a more careful mama and i figured that minor accident might have just been a learning lesson that prevented one from happening later. when my niece was a baby she rolled off of the changing table once and my sister still to this day talks about it (her daughter is now 11) and how bad she felt. don't beat yourself can always take him to the doctor if youre still worried by it and it will make you feel better, im sure that he is fine. good luck!


jenna32 - June 27

the same thing happened to me the other day. i feel like bad parent bc dd always seems to get hurt but im doing it on my own,its hard to watch them 24 7,my house is a mess.


catgiggles - June 27

This so takes me down memory lane. When my ds was about 8 weeks old we put him in the middle of our king size bed and put three pillows around him to make a box. Somehow he managed to wiggle off he had been inching somewhat sorta like rooting his head or something but never any distance and was not anywhere near rolling over he did not do that until 12 weeks. . We did not think he could do that b/c he was 6 weeks early We still don't really know how he managed it! He stopped crying right away but I cried for a long time. I wanted to take him to the er and dh was like he didnt even cry for a whole min.



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