Never Had An Ear Infection

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Narcissus - July 5

My questions is this: How strange is it that my son has never had an EI? He is 16 months old. I was under the impression that by now, most children have had at least 2! Weird. I find this to be very odd. Has anyone else been so fortunate/unfortunate? I have a horrible feeling that by the time my son enters school, he is going to catch every bug in existance and will be very behind the rest of the class. I hope that will not be the case bc a child's self-esteem can suffer when they are missing out on what everyone else is doing. It will make me really sad if my boy is constantly sick and trying to stay afloat in school.


Rabbits07 - July 5

My last ds had 13 ear infections by the time he was 2 years old. They said this was probably what contributed to his speech delay. Some children just don't get sick alot and some get everything coming and going. Has he had other illnesses? If so that will still help build his immune does just everyday exposure to ordinary germs...he doesn't necessarly have to get visibly sick from it to build up immunities. Also, he may have had EI without your knowing it. When I had my fourth it was not uncommon for him to be at a well check-up and the pedi say his ear was badly infected. He said my son had a very high pain tolerance....alot of times the only sign he would give that he had an ear infection was pulling at the ear...not even a fever would be present. The pedi said most EI will go away without antibiotic treatment, so it's possible your son has had EI's that cleared up on thier own.


Chelsey - July 5

My kid's have never had ear infection's either, Narc. Hailey is 4 1/2 (had her share of colds) but no ear infections.... and Gabriel will be 1 next weekend... no infections for him yet either. Knock on wood.


SonyaM - July 5

My oldest son was very healthy until about 16 months old when he went to daycare. Then he had constant ear infections until he was two. Now they are just once a year or so.


Nerdy Girl - July 5

My daughter has only had one ear infection in her whole life, and it was shortly after her 2nd birthday. She is 3 1/2 now. I always attribute her strong immune system to the b___stfeeding! LOL.


Happy Mom - July 5

My daughter 7 years and my son 1 year have both never had an ear infection. My daughter was and my son is b___stfed.


Rabbits07 - July 5

My ds was b___stfed, too....I would hate to have seen what would have happened if he hadn't been! I even asked the pedi once about b___stfeeding suppose to help them have less ear infections and all he said was--"it could be worse."


HannahBaby - July 5

my daughter had one when she was 11 months old. She had a cold that progressed into an ear infection. no big deal


Nerdy Girl - July 5

Yeah, the b___stfeeding is supposed to help, but I don't think it's a cure-all for everything. My friend has 5 kids who were all b___stfed, and I swear to God that those kids get sick ALL THE TIME. And not just colds - they always seem to end up with some serious thing and have to go to the ER to get rehydrated via IV or something like that. My 7 month old son was only b___stfed for 12 weeks, so I am hoping that he will have the same strong immune system as my b___stfed daughter, who was b___stfed for 12 months. LOL.


melissa g. - July 5

i was formula fed, as was my brother, and neither of us EVER had a single ear infection when we were little. We didnt get colds either. People get so amped on the b___stfeeding-will-protect-you / formula-will-kill-you deal, but largely, the immune system is a mysterious thing that no one has really figured out yet. Some people have "friendly" immune systems (i.e. they catch every bug under the sun) and some people have hyper vigilant immune systems and fight everything off. There are theories that the the hyper vigilant immune system people get less colds etc. but more allergies b/c the immune system is so on the attack that sometimes it attacks itself. If your boy has never had an EI, just consider him a healthy bean and dont worry about him in school, he is probably just a healthy kid!


momofboyz - July 5

My oldest son is 4 and he had one ear infection when he was about 18 mo. and my 8 mo. old has never had one.


luvbendict - July 5

Same thing here Narcissus !! My ds will be 1 this Saturday and never had any ear infection and only been sick once!!! I feel so fortunate because I am so dead worry when he was sick. I am thinking that he is so healthy because I b___stfed him for 10 mths and I am such a clean freak and he mostly at home with me, no babysitter nor daycare. But I also worry that when he enters school he will get sick easily and catch all the germs from others.


Narcissus - July 5

Thanks for all the replies. I guess it's not that uncommon afterall. BTW - my son was formula fed. yes, he is quite healthy and much of it is due to his healthy diet and being at home rather than in daycare, I believe. I hope he does not pay the price once school starts.



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