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melissa g. - February 19

Has anyone else seen this on the news -- new info on what causes autism -- NOT the environment or environmental toxins! A genetics team at the University of Washington has released a major new finding that links the major cause of autism to a particular gene, Chromosome 11 to be exact. That is the main gene, in combination with other genes with abnormalities that they are calling the "smoking gun." They are hoping that in 5-10 yrs, medications will be created now that more is know about the origin of the disorder.


melissa g. - February 19

sorry, that last sentence should have read, "now that more is known about the origin of the disorder."


sahmof3 - February 19

I saw that. I'm very interested to find out what all they will come up with. I saw that they are looking for more gene samples from kids with autism, too. It would be interesting to know why it seems to be on a sharp rise, though.... some of it is probably better ability to recognize and diagnose, but I doubt that accounts for all of the new cases. I hope they can find a cure!


ssmith - February 20

I hope so too.....Autism scares the CRAP out of me. All during my pregnancy, I was so worried about having an Autistic child. I used to work with Autistic kids frequently, so I guess it was on my mind a lot. There is a little boy in one of my Mom & Baby groups, and I am almost positive he's got some sort form of Autism. Makes me sad, because I don't know if his mom knows. Our babies are about the same age, and I can see her watching my dd out of the corner of my eye. Sad. I hope that some sort of screen, or treatment or whatever can be developed.....


bradylove - February 20

Iheard that yesterday too, but then what exactly causes the mutation could still be environmental... I just read this article today... don't include w's leave the _ take out any -.


Diann - February 20

Well ladies i have a 15 yr old ds w/ autism w/ adhd linked with depression which i did not find out he had until he was almost 9 yrs old. He had chromosose tests done when he was an enfant. the findings were that 1/2 of the 6 lacked onto the 7, and 1/3 of the 7 lacked onto the 6. at no point in time was anything ever said that the 11 had issues. with autism or at least high functioning autism being more of a social illness, i for one am more then curious on the results of chromosone test could prove that a child truly has autism. i've had many tests done trying to figure out why my child wasn't like other babies and until he was 9 i excepted him for who he was.i've done everything within my power to get the help he needed for school. but without a diagonoses it was more then a little difficult to truly undrestand something you could not name. i've heard from other autisic parents that their child was totally normal until they got their shots. now if you want to believe that, one could put it as that when your enfant gets their shots, the drugs acts like a mini bomb on the chromosones causing such mutations which then inturn turns your child austic. so with that said do you still believe that it is best to imunize your children if it is actually the drugs that cause autism not a fluke chromosone abnormalitly. and just so you know my ds never changed from before or after his shots, he was the same through out. at 15 the 11 chromosone is still not an issue


jwhite - February 20

ssmith what are early signs in infants for autism?? That also scared me the whole time I was pregnant and even now.. It's not in my family but you never know especially with the shots and everything, it just all scares me.


ssmith - February 20

The thing about Autism is that there is such a huge range in the degree of severity. There is also PDD which is kind of like a milder form of autism. The little boy in my mom & baby group is 8.5 months old and has NO facial expressions~~ never smiles, laughs, never makes any sort of expression except to maybe cry a bit. He makes no eye contact, doesn't interact with people at all, hasn't once looked around to see his surroundings or point to things. All of these things to me are a pretty big indicator of something, and I would say Autism. Diann, there has been huge controversy about the link to Autism and the MMR, but I don't think anyone really knows for sure how true that is. The Dr's, nurses, and Health Canada people are quite addiment (sp?) that there is no link between the two. I guess because so little is know about Autism so far, is why it is SO flippin scary to me. I really hope that someone figures it out!


kellens mom - February 20

Question??? Does autism strike more boys then girls? I have never known any girls with autism...yet I have been acquanted with a lot of boys. Is there a ratio of boys to girls.


SonyaM - February 20

I do think there are a ton more kids getting diagnosed these days than in years past but I think alot of had to do with misdiagnosis. Autism is such a wide spectrum that so many kids were wrongly diagnosed and now that there is more awareness of autism kids are being correctly diagnosed. I do think there is something in the environment that can trigger this because I have seen through my work in our area there are more kids diagnosed in certain geographical areas. Very interesting stuff and I pray that the researchers learn more everyday to help these kids.


J.J. - February 20

kellens mom, i do believe that autism occurs more in boys than girls. One study found some form in 1 in 66 boys...a terrifying statistic...but I can't recall the source for that. Regardless, it does occur in girls, but more frequently in boys which makes you wonder if its s_x-linked. There was also a study suggesting that it may occur from children related to fathers who are older (35+), though at this point, i think scientists are grasping for any similarity.


sahmof3 - February 20

Diann... what process did you have to go through to have your son diagnosed? My son is being "observed" by a school facilitator and psychologist. They have said he may have high-functioning autism or some other disorder but they need to observe him further inorder to make a recommendation as far as where to go next. He's in kindergarten and I'm getting really frustrated with how long this all seems to be taking. It is SOOOO hard to know what to do with him sometimes.


mandee25 - February 20

I worry about this too as I have a boy and more boys have this than girls. I would like to know more of the warning signs to look for. My LO seems very normal and I am sure he is just fine. It doesn't hurt to be aware though.


bradylove - February 20

sahmof3 can I ask you why they think he might have high-functioning Autism? I'm asking because we had quite a few concerns when my oldest was a baby. He wouldn't nurse, didn't want to be close, wouldn't make eye-contact with me, almost like he was looking past me all the time, could play for hours by himself and I always felt as though we hadn't bonded very well. Even as a baby around 10 or 11 months he would hoard things and compulsively line up and order his toys. Does that sound like anything to you? He seems fine now except for some ocd-like behaviour.


Jelly - February 20

There is also a lot of current research done on the effects of television on babies and toddlers, and how TV triggers autism. I can't post this article from fox news on here but there is a bunch You will also find a ot more research by googling TV and Autism. One of the reasons they origianlly speculated that vaccines are the link is because there had been no instances with amish kids and autism, and amish kids don't get vaccinated, but then again they don't watch TV either.... its scary. You better think twice before putting the bouncer or highscair in front of the tube.... ;-) But then you wonder why Disney's Baby Einstein is a top selling product! I read something about the 2 dimensional stimuli of the tv is not good fpr the 0-3 year old developing brain that should mainly be stimulated with 3D objects, not 2D... The chromosome deffect theory is also interesting. maybe a person can be predisposed to autism genetiaclly but then an environmental trigger can determine... I don't know, thats what i am udnerstanding from all possible research.


bradylove - February 20

Jelly: I posted a link to an article, above, on the subject of tv watching....


Rabbits07 - February 21

I don't buy that it's a genetic thing only....that may be part of it, but I doubt that it's the sole factor. JMO



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