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angela - November 19

my seven month old weighs 19lbs and she's 25 inches long. i noticed that when i placed her in her rear facing car seat her legs touch the seat and she seems uncomfortable. should i get a new one. but i think she's too youg for a front facing seat isnt she?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

Most infant car seats go up to 20lbs and 26 in. But regular carseats usually go from newborn to 65 or more pounds depending on make. I do know in most places, I live in Ohio, babies have to be rear facing until at least 20 lbs, and 1 yr old, but you can use either kind of car seat. I'm afraid that in the next few months I will have to get rid ot the insant carrier because my son is over 16 lbs and almost 24 inches and he is only 3 mos.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 19

I would begin looking into a convertable carseat. I have just purchased the Britax Marathon. It is a bit pricey but has very high safety ratings. There are alot of companies taht make convertable carseats. I saw one in Walmart the other day that you could use from 5 to 100lbs! I was remembering when Amaya was just born and we were bringing her home from the hospital, that carseat would have sallowed her up! Anyway take a look around and find the carseat that best suits you and your baby and your car!


Felice - November 19

What if your baby reaches the 20# mark well before 1yr. My exclusively b___stfed 7 month old is 24# and has been hovering around the 20# mark at least since 5-6 months.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 19

I have been told that it doesnt matter what the weight or age is. They have to be at least 20lbs and at least 1 year. If they reach 1 year and still are not 20lbs they stay rear facing, if they reach 20lbs and are not 1 year they stay rear facing.


kate - November 20

angela-you can still get a new carseat - one that can face the rear now, while she's not yet a year old, and then be turned around later to face the front when she is. we transferred our daughter over at about 7 months, because she was so long. she is 16 months old and 19 pounds, so she's still a rear-facer, but when it's time all we have to do is unlatch the seat and flip it around. and she has plenty of legroom.


angela - November 20

i guess i'm going to look into those seats. the ones you can turn over when shes old enough. i wish i would have kown this before i spent all that money on the one she has now :)



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