New Mom Amp Im Freaking Out

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kk - January 28

my 4 wk old has a runny nose, hes sneezing a lot, coughing a lot, and yas a temp pf 96.3 someone help me please!


amanda.d - January 28

I would say that he most likely has a cold but I would just keep an eye on the temp and if it get worse call your doctor.


tierney - January 28

hey, if he's having trouble breathing you can try to suction the mucus out with the nasal aspirator...if he's having trouble sleeping b/c of the breathing problems, you can have him sleep at an incline, maybe in his infant seat. it sounds like he has a really bad would have to contact your doctor to be sure of what to give him for those symptoms. i hope he gets better soon.


tierney - January 28

also, you can look online at for information regarding infant care.


Shelly - January 28

How are you taking his temperature? If rectal it should be accurate,if under arm always add one degree and then you have the actual temperature,in the ear....NOT recommended.It is the most inacccurate way of taking temperature.


Barb - January 28

you know what the ear IS the most inaccurate way of taking babys temp...yet at my doc.'s office that is how they always do it! stupid...huh?? kk...if her temp gets to be 101 call the doc....try laying her down with a vaporizer too, that works really well on congestion.


L...Hannah's Mom - January 28

Sometimes newborns sneeze and cough alot because they still have a little bit of amniotic fluid in their systems...esp c-section babies. It might be worth a call to your pediatrician's office anyway to put your mind at ease.


Angie - January 28

To Barb and Shelly: The ear is more accurate BUT, it is NOT reccommended for babies under 3 months of age. To kk: my little one sneezed a lot as well when she was small. I suctioned her nose regularly, and it seemed to go away on it's own....but I agree with amanda, just keep an eye on the temp., or take her to a doctor if you're really not sure.


keeks - January 28

Sound like he may need to see a doctor. I mean just to be on the safe side. It could just be a cold. Take care



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