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Bonnie - January 27

Okay, we're on our 3rd day home now with baby and I have a ton of questions and still waiting for doc's office to call me back >< Maybe you guys can answer some stuff.......1. Do I need to boil water when making formula? (We've been using the premade samples from hospital and almost out. 2. Does it need to be heated and if so, why? The samples they've had us use have all been room temp.....3. The baby went from sleeping 3-4 hours at hospital and eating 1.5 oz of formula, to now waking up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours starving and wolfing down 2 -3 oz of this normal????? He is only 4 days old. I figure if he's eating we should keep feeding him when he wants, but OMG!! how long will he wake at 2 hours or less for? There is absolutely zero time to sleep that way and hubby goes back to work next week. How can one nao with baby when baby barely sleeps 2 hours?


Christy - January 27

Well, I can't comment on the formula questions since I am bf, but the frequency of eating and waking/sleeping sound very normal to me. I know it is tough, but in time, it will improve. Is there anyone else you guys can call upon for help- mom, MIL, sister, SIL, etc? That is what will help you most in this tough time because the first few weeks are survival mode, if you ask me. If someone can watch and care for the baby a couple evenings or days; then you can sleep. I know it is a tough adjustment, but it won't always be this way. Hang in there and congratulations!


Lisastar9 - January 27

I personally knew a family who kept their baby's food at room tempature. and made all the bottles first thing in the morning or at night for the day. As for feeding yes it is often in the beginning small stomaches small feeding too. Try to lap when baby naps. Boiling water is best in the beginning I believe. You can always but small bottle water instead of boiling some all the time. I bf my first two so this is only my opinion.


kris A. - January 27

Congrats Bonnie! My 2 month old is on formula and I have never heated it. I did buy the 5 gallon bottled water and the heater/cooler base and so the water is "clean". I put the water in the bottle and keep the powder formula near me so when she cries I can mix it there without having to get out of bed. Works great and buys a few minutes of time. His amount of formula sounds good, he'll stop when he's full. congrats again.


Shelly - January 27

I use the nursery water,regular bottled water should be fine too if you don't want to boil water.If you do use tapwater I would boil it. Just my opinion.Also I keep the water at room temperature and mix the formula with it.Even in the "what to expect the first year" book it says that you don't HAVE to warm the water.It's upto you! Jesse is 5.5 months and doing great.concerning the frequency,if thebaby is hungry feed him,but make sure he is not crying b/c of a soiled diaper.BTW,Congrats with your baby!!!!


Sasha - January 27

Breast milk is very warm, since it comes out of the body. I b___stfeed and I use formula when I can't b___stfeed. She doesn't like room temp or cold formula. She won't take it. I have to make it just as warm as the b___stmilk. I think they like it warmer. Just test it on your wrist first.


Bonnie - January 27

Okay, thanks so much guys, that makes me feel better. He's done well with these room temp bottles so I think we will stick with it being room temp. He definately is hungry every 1.5-2 hours. He wakes up sucking on his hands and fussing with mouth open wide. Tried fooling him with a pacifier since he REALLY likes to suck, but it won't fool him when he's hungry. Plus he's shot up to eating 2-3 oz of formula everytime. I was concerned because the hospital said he should eat 1/2 to 1 oz every 3-4 hours and he is only 4 days old.....I guess he is just a little piggy. :D...................One mroe thing, he seems on the last 2 diaper changes to have a small tough of diahreha (sp?). CHanged his last diaper and he shot it out of his b___t right at me. >< (so loving THAT one).....Is it normal for new tummies to be a little off? He's been having normal poops except for that last 2 changes and I worry with the doc' s office being closed over weekend. Should I call hospital over something like that or only if he keeps it up and gets dehydrated? (I have teh urge to call the doctor every 5 minutes over every little thing...I hope I can relax soon, lol)


Bonnie - January 27

Note: That was touch* not tough...I'm too tired to type properly, lol


Lesley - January 27

Welcome to parenting Bonnie! The poos are completly normal. New babies poo a lot, and most the time its runny and rather smelly! Its when it's hard and lumpy you need to worry haha! All they are taking in is liquid, so their poo isn't going to get hard, unless they are constipated.


melissa - January 27

Congrats on your new baby! My dd is 8 weeks today, and mommyhood is better than I ever expected! We do the room temp thing, and we use tap water, w/o boiling, and we've never had any problems. We do use a Brita filter for it, though. Our dd also jumped ounces after a few days being home--I just feed her until she's full--they won't let you overfeed them--my dd clamps her mouth shut or refuses the nipple when she's full. The more they eat, the more they sleep, too. Good luck, and if you do need to ask questions from the pros, you could always call the birthing center--someone is always there, and they know babies.


KrYstaL - January 27

I was specifically told by my doctor that even spring water has to be boiled. it is better and easier for the baby's stomach. I think it is something about the minerals in the water and to sterilize. ever notice at the hospital they will sometimes give sterile water? that means that it was boiled. and for warming the formula it's up to you really. some babies like it warmed to body temperature because it might be less hard on their stomach. depends on the baby i guess.


But... - January 27

If you buy bottled water, check the sodium content first.


Bonnie - January 27

OKay thanks ladies. That makes me feel better about the runny poop. He doesn;t seem dehydrated and acting normal. He just really farts prety loud at times and I cringe knowing what I'm gonna find in there. He takes after his father!! Funny thing is earlier, I was feeding him and he let out a really loud fart and then totally smiled, lol. I know the smiling is just reflex, but it was quite funny.


Jennifer - January 28

The samples from the hospital don't need to be put in the fridge and you don't have to heat them up. Just leave them at room temp. I have a month old daughter and she slept at the hospital all the time and never cried. I cried because she never cried and I thought something was wrong with her but once we got her home about two days latter boy she can cry! I wish it was like the hospital now! Good luck!


Jbear - January 29

I don't heat the formula. Our doc said I don't need to boil the water either, so I don't. (I didn't with my first baby either). If you're worried about your water, you could buy nursery water, which has flouride added to it. Your baby' s appet_te sounds about right, and the fact that it is increasing is encouraging, because the more they eat, the longer they will sleep. He'll probably be waking during the night for about 2 months, but he'll get to where he sleeps four hours at a time, and it is possible to get a good night's sleep that way. The gooey poop is normal. It should be the consistency of peanut b___ter, or softer. And just wait till he lets out a really loud fart in the grocery store and people turn around and stare at you!


Bonnie - January 29

rofl thanks!...Jennifer, yours sounds JUST like mine. In hospital he slept every 4 hours and no crying...I come home and holy hell breaks loose! And JBear, ty! That is encouraging. I mean how does one sleep with baby when he's up an hour and a half later?? He seems to sleep a 4 hour stretch about once per day then back to being up 1.5 to 2 hours later. A 4 hour stretch is heaven, just wish he'd tell me first so I could nap with him! lol


pbj - January 29

I guess I'll put in my 2 cents as well; my doctor said to always boil the water simply because sometimes if your water does become contaminated it takes the city/county time to let you know. The hospital samples do not need to be refrigerated, however, if there's any left in the bottle, you must discard it within one hour of your baby eating from it. You do not have to heat bottles, there's no medical reason for it, it's simply that some babies find cold annoying, I usually warm my daughters to room temp. I use playtex nursers (they have bags that empty as she eats, causing less gas), I usually warm them by placing them under the faucet with hot water. Let you baby eat as much as he/she wants...they usually will not eat more than they need. Your baby will wake every 2-3 hours for feedings for maybe the first 6 weeks...after that he/she may give you a little longer at night, but will still wake frequently to eat. My daughter is 10 weeks old and finally will sleep 6-8 hours a night...IT'S WONDERFUL! Ask for as much help from family that you can...if someone every now and then will watch your baby for 3-4 hours you can get some much needed uninterrupted sleep. Good Luck and don't worry all sounds totally normal.



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