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sheree - November 26

Ok here we r, no more catty comments, what's everyone getting there love ones for X'mas? Well i'm getting my 4yr old anything Bratz ans my 3 yr old loves dolls, she has tones but wouldn't care if she had hundreds and my other girl will only be 8wks so she only getting a few toys and we getting all 3 of them a trampoline! OMG they r so spolied but what is x'mas for!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 26

I know my son's grandparents will go crazy since he is the first grandchild on both sides, so my dh and I are only getting him a few toys. I know he is getting the leap pad learning table, and the fisher price gymtastics wall. He will be 4 months old by Christmas. We'll probably need to buy a bigger house afterwards! I asked people to buy me formula and diapers!


-m - November 26

Great idea sheree! My husband and I live about 800 miles away from all our family and friends. We'll be going down there for Christmas with our 4 month old daughter. Most of them have never met her before so I can't even imagine how much stuff she's going to get. She's the first grandchild on both sides! We're flying also and I'm wondering how we're going to get everything back. We're going to get her an exersaucer and let the grandparents take care of the rest of the presents (their request).


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 26

We are getting Amaya the fisher price gymtastics wall, some peekaboo blocks, and clothes, grandparents are going to get lots more presents.


FF - November 26

Well, my family has gone nuts and bought Brody an excersaucer (sp?) and some other "big" toys- so I think from me and his dad he will be getting a play gym to lay under and maybe a new outfit to take pictures in.


amy - November 26

rachael..sounds like us we have 2 boys and they are the only granchildren on both sides...we need a new house!!!! we have no good luck....when we had our first son he was 4 months old on xmas and he got sooooo much it was good luck..diapers and formula, smart move!!!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 26

Oh, Amy, I know! I am so afraid of my Mil. She always goes overboard for us, so I know we will need to build a shed or something after Christmas! We joke about the bigger hous thing, but I am sure it will be true! I figured diapers and formula was a good move, and I need them all the time!


Jamie - November 26

We are getting our daughter a Jumparoo and a high chair; well, the Jumparoo will be from Santa...we also got her a teddy bear (also from Santa), a mirror/mobile toy thingy...a highchair toy...and that's it; My MIL got her a cabbage patch doll, and I'm not sure what, if anything, the rest of my family will get her.


Jbear - November 26

Sophia (3 months) is getting a glow worm and a ring stacker. Valerie (3 years) is getting Polly pockets and the Monsters Inc movie if I can find it.


Mommy - November 27

My kids are getting education toys like Leapfrog stuff and both are getting new clothes. I'm going to get hubby a new video game I think. Sadly I'm getting Zane some play dishes because he has a kitchen set he loves. I'm also getting him a musical potty chair in hopes he will use it.


Jbear - November 27

to Mommy...I bought the fisher price royal potty for my daughter when I was desperate to potty-train her, but it was nearly impossible to clean. I think it might be a little worse with a boy.



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