New News On Anna Nicole Smith OT

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ash2 - February 11

Not sure if anyone has heard, but they are saying that her baby is from her late husband marshall ! For those of you that are not up on the facts...their could be 4 possible fathers now. From what the people are saying, she froze his sperm and had it implanted into her ovaries. Apparently to inherit the money that she was fighting for with her stepson.....very, very, sneaky !!


Brittany - February 11

That sounds freaky! I saw on the news that her and her son's death could have been ruled out to be 3 different things, homicide, suicide, or death from natural causes. It freaks me out how someone might have killed her and her son. They both kind of died the same way, prescription pills (well they don't know that for a fact) and when no one was around. I would have never cared about the recent news about her if she was living but now that shes dead, its like she is on a non-celebrity level to us, now people will really remember her. It's sad what happens after death. Like her or not, its still sad...I feel so much for her daughter, poor thing.


mosley12 - February 11

if she really did it jst to inherit the money, than i think thats wrong. hope thats not the case.


ash2 - February 11

Kiddingyourself, what are you a freak ?


kiddingyourself - February 11

by the way princess she would have had it implanted in her uterus, not her ovaries. geeze, 2 kids and you didn't know that?


ash2 - February 11

What are you stalking me ? Gosh you really are a freak...


jillianT - February 11

HA! that is your response EVERY TIME someone points out that you are wrong about something or dares to disagree with you. of course i'm not stalking you. this is a moms forum you've mentioned your kids and how perfect they are about 456872315847 times.


ash2 - February 11

Im not sure where all this is coming from, and whatever you have against me, then tell me by all means, but there is no need to bash here...BTW.there is nothing wrong about bragging about kids that you are proud of.


k.p.j.e. - February 12

LOL Ash2 I don't know what you did in the past to p__s off all these ladies but it must have been bad! I have tried to avoid threads that are drama or vindictive but I am curious...why do so many moms on here have a problem w/ you? I'm sorry if you don't deserve it, but do you? :) :)


pinkbo0tlace - February 12

Ash2 - I agree, that would be very very sneaky. Wether anyone agrees with it or not, I think we all can agree it was "smart" in the since it needed at least a little plan and a mastermind behind it, if infact, it is true. Kiddingyourself - Wether anyone liked Anna Nicole Smith or not, media is so weird. I think they just got sick of reporting about Iraq because they have done that for awhile. Notice how the "John Mark Carr" dude who said he killed poor Jonbenet Ramsey recieved all that media attention? Sick or not, America loves that kinda c___p. lol!


hello - February 12

What annoys me is people making up fake names to say what they think of someone, its the net, its not like ash is gonna come over and bash you later on.. My guess is jillian for some reason who i havent really heard of much but i know she is around ... obviously she f'ked up and instead of being 'kidding yourself' she replied to ash as her real user name in here... pretty dumb really... At least get it right... You almost had it... i think everyone thinks their kids are angels, what mother doesnt... i have issues with people on here sometimes and when they are ticking me off i use my real name to tell them so.... ash i didnt like how u spoke to the chic talking about mardi gras.... There u go, just an example but i kept it to myself over there. There u go jillian, have some b___s and use ya real name next time..... That gutless c___p is really annoying..........


ssmith - February 12

EW! 90-year old man sperm.....ugh.


mandee25 - February 12

lmao ssmith :-)


USMC_wife - February 12

How rude, kiddingyouself! What's it to you if she wants to get on here all day and post c___p?? I think it's great that she is able to manage her kids and household AND be on this forum. I get really annoyed at people making snide remarks like you made to her. Your name certainly suits you...... You ARE kidding yourself if you think anyone is interested in hearing your rude remarks.


luviduvi - February 12

I don't usually get involved with this sorta thing. I just wanted to say that this thread wasn't offending anyone (It was about Anna Nicole) so why the hostility? All Ash2 was doing was relaying some info she had heard. What is the big deal? If you don't like Ash2, don't open her threads!


HannahBaby - February 12

It seems like all the men that anna nicole smith are lining up at the door saying that they could possibly be the father of the baby. For some its most likely all about getting some attention from the media, and then there are some that really think the baby could be his, and they want to cash in. I personally don't think it was her 90 year old dead husbands because shes saying that its where would she be getting money if she claiming that the baby is sterns? I hope the paternity testing site is fully staffed because it looks like this girl has men lining up to be her daddy....


Mellissa - February 12

hello: glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed that name mix-up. at first i thought maybe i missed a post by jillian, but after re-reading it, it's obvious she's kiddingyourself. so funny! as far as anna goes: i feel bad for that poor baby. how is she going to grow up? everyone is already in her business and she's only a few months old!!! poor baby.. :(



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