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KLC - June 29

Okay ladies what baby item could you simply not live without? For me it is our baby swing, my ds loves it!!! Without it I'd never get a shower and our house would be a pigstye!!!


HannahBaby - June 29

her DVD player in the car, her kick pad in her crib, and her little baby pool


mama3 - June 29

Her swing, and Bounce. Though this is not a baby item I wouldn't get any sleep with the fan either.


Kel - June 29

I third the swing, my dd loves it. I would never shower without!


J.J. - June 29

At 2 mos, the swing, at 4 mos, the bouncy chair, now at 8 mos, the exersaucer.


Erin333 - June 29

The entire baby einstien collection. It was th eonly thing that woudl calm her down on those really sick days.


bbelmore - June 29

His bouncer, it's great toys dangle so he can hit, and when he fusses his movements rock him to sleep. What kind of swing are you guys all talking about?


cae - June 29

I agree the swing by far!! I could not live without it..really. bbelmore, I have the fisher price swing cradles from side to side and it also swings from back and fourth. My son is 5 months and still loves it. But I know, since, he is getting older and more active, he soon will not be interested in it anymore. So I am enjoying these times now, before I retire it.


km - June 29

The swing for sure! I went for a few weeks w/out one and he used his papasan, which was fine when he just came home and slept all the time. Now during the day when he's had enough interaction, I put him in the swing, he falls asleep, and I can get some housework done!


Rabbits07 - June 29

Swing most definitely!


haymay - June 29

For my dd, her bouncer...she has LOVED that thing since she was 5 wks...she hates her swing!


JLO - July 1

The swing, now her walker(she is long enough to touch the floor at four months) her fluffy pink bunny pull toy, and I know this is pathetic but believe it or not the tv. She loves the doodlebops on disney because of the bright colors.(hey i work at night, i have to rest once in awhile) i figure it is not all the time so it shouldnt hurt right?


Christy - July 1

At this time, I'd say the Jumperoo, his sleepsacks (he sleeps soooo well in these- naps included), the highchair, and the stroller. When he was younger, I would have definitely said the swing and papsan as well.


Nerdy Girl - July 1

We loved the jumpy swing until he reached the weight limit. What a bummer that was because he would jump in there the whole time I cooked dinner. Now we love the exersaucer!


AmandaManns - July 1

My son is 6 months old and I would say we got the most use out of his jumperoo. But now he does not like anything where he is confined he wants to get out and crawl alll over the place (backwards lol). He hated his swing, he liked his bouncer for about a month, he hates his exersaucer but he did enjoy the jumperoo for about 3 months.


kvilendrer - July 1

my son's walker


ssmith - July 1

I could not live without my Boppy pillow and my Baby Bjorn!! And, yes, the swing has been great too!



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