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BriannasMummy - February 12

I thought it would be fun if everyone shared some of the very interesting things that our lo's come out with every single day. The things that make us bust our butts laughing!


BriannasMummy - February 12

Ill go first. When Brianna was 2ish.. we had her out playing on a tire swing at my parents house. She went around and around and around. When she got off the swing she was obviously dizzy.. she looked up at me and said.. "oh no mommy.. I think i need gla__ses".. made me laugh. ~Kristin~


ash2 - February 12

When DS was about 2.5, we were in a parking lot and he spotted a bug. Well it had been hit or stepped on , and ashton noticed it. It was still alive, but moving and twitching. He said " mommy is that bug going to go to heave" and i told him, no that animals dont go to heaven , and then he said " well is he dead yet or is he still thinking about it " ! ROFL..


MM - February 12

I went swimming with my friend & her 2 los while I was pregnant. Her eldest son (4) wanted to get dressed afterwards all by himself. When he came out of the stall, he had his underpants over his pants. My friend asked him why he did that & his response was something like, "But superheroes wear them like this"... LOL!


Mellissa - February 12

I was just making a sandwich with rylee and she calls it a "sandlich", so i was explaining to her how to say it right. i said "say sand" so she says, "sand" and i said, "now say wich" she gets all scared and starts looking around and says, "oh no! a witch!!!" lol. she's so funny!! i swear she has me cracking up a million times a day!


BriannasMummy - February 12

Hahahahha.. this is awesome.. youve all made me giggle! ~Kristin~


3babies - February 13

I cant for the life of me remember any of my own kids stories even though I must have a mountain! But....When we were younger I was an altar server at ma__s and my mum and sister were in the congregation. When it came time for the donation plate my mum realised she hadnt bought her purse so didnt make a contribution. At the end of ma__s my sister came running up to me to tell me that they had "got out of church without paying" ... so funny, she was about 5 or 6!


3babies - February 13

Oh I did just remember one... when I was pregnant with my daughter, my two boys were enlightening each other on how the baby was going to get out of mum's tummy. Ben was going into all the gory details of a caesarian (he has seen his birth pictures), but Jack announced that the baby would just climb out of mum's mouth!


mommybabyboy21 - February 13

ok this stoy was from when I was a was going to be a long evening for me because I had already watch their son all day but they had to go to a business dinner so the wife was late getting home from work so as she was getting dress she asked me to join her in the bedroom so we could go over the baby's day. the husband was also getting ready, he needed to put his shoes and tie on, so I was holding their lo who was 11 months old at the time sitting on the bed telling them about their sons day when their son all of a sudden grabs my chest and says b___bies...the father falls on to the bed laughing hystrically saying that is his son. the mother was embaressed and I was like I didn't teach your son that. Needless to say I actully thought it was funny.


BriannasMummy - February 13

Here a couple of the ones that happened to some friends kids. One day my friend was telling her 2 children what to do something ever happened to her. After explaining she asked now what are you going to do to her son.. he said "im going to go next door to our neighbours house and get them to help".. she then asked her daughter.. "what are you going to do".. she said.. "while hes next door im going to eat all of the chocolate chips!!" LMAO.. My friends 2 little children were talking about their mom having them. So the older of the two little girls told her sister how she was once in mommies tummy and how mommy had taken good care of her. The youngest asked her sister.. "when you were in mommies tummy.. where was i?".. the older replied.. "OH.. you were waiting in her leg." Makes me laugh even to think about it. ~Kristin~


LollyM - February 13

lolol kids are so cute =) My dd is 6 months, so she doesn't really talk, but my mom has told me stories about me and my sis! Apparently when my sister was 16 mos or so, we took a plane to visit family, and on the plane, my sister yelled out "I want t_tty milk!" hahaha I laughed so hard when I heard that story! And then when I was about 6, my mom was gardening while I was playing near her in the yard. Well, she hurt her hand somehow and said "oh c___p" well heard her say that, but a I thought she said "oh crab" so I went around saying "oh crab" to everyone after that! lol. Also, when dh was about 6, he told a girl that he wanted to have s_x with her. When dh's mom asked him what he meant by wanting to have s_x with the girl, he said "kissing". lol, mil told me that story at our first christmas together! Dh was so embarra__sed he left the room lol.


CyndiG - February 13

When my older dd was 5 she learned John 3:16 in school. She was reciting it to my MIL and she said as proudly as she could, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever shall believe in him shall not PANIC but have eternal life." She's 8 now, and I still laugh about that!


luviduvi - February 13

Just the other day, my dh was changing ds diaper when ds peed on him and his clothes. when dh started putting new clothes on ds he peed dh said, "you little b___thole" and my 2 yo was standing right there and said "oh, my b___thole" It was so funny but at the same time I was angry w/ dh for saying something like that in front of our 2 yo!


Rhiannon - February 13

When my brother was young he was terrified of wasps, but he couldn't pronounce the word. He said "wops" So one day these 2 Italian workmen came into the house and sure enough they accidentally let in a wasp. My brother ran arouind yellings "Wops inthe house, wops in the house" My mom was so embarrased.


Emily - February 13

mynewly pooty trained two and a half year old comes up to me and turns around and says, "My underwear up my b___t crack!" But oh it was the tone of voice....seems all I have anymore are potty trainign stories.....


Emily - February 13

Mellissa, and everyone else, Mary calls sandwiches "samiches" Her favorite kind is bread with b___ter, cheese, and then ham. I was going to cut it in half and fold it over to make a half of a sandwich but she says to me, "no, nio, no, no mommy, with a lid....." she wanted a whole one with another piece of bread, ha, a lid!


Emily - February 13

oh and excuse the mistakes, newly potty trained.....



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