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LisaB - January 16

did you leave him? Are you ok?


SonyaM - January 16

Good question, any information newbie.


Shana B - January 16

I was wondering about her too...I hope she's ok.


ash2 - January 16

" bumping it up " for newbie ...


LisaB - January 17

just me bumping again inhopes all is ok


Rhiannon - January 17

bump for newbie


Felisha - January 17

bumb again for newbie


Felisha - January 17

i wish there was something we could do for this women its not easy to leave. and you cant fight back in these situations. no woman should have ot go through that


Kara H. - January 17

Hope he didn't hurt when she tried to leave that she isn't able to respond to us...


ashtynsmom - January 18

Bump again!


sahmof3 - January 18

I keep seeing this and get hopeful. Oh... I really hope she is ok and free from the jerk!!!


Emily - January 18

me too.....I hope every time I see it bumped up that it was her....she really did sound ready to leave...


missy - January 18

Bumping it up for newbie! Hope you are ok--I have been thinking about you and saying some prayers for you and your lo.


momma0710 - January 18

So no one had heard from er since the other day huh??? C___p that really has me worried! Newbie if your out there we love you and you are in my prayers....lets know something honey we all are worried about you!


SonyaM - January 18

Okay, I'm getting freaked out. Where is she???? Let's just hope this is a good sign that she is away from home and safe but just doesn't have access to a computer. We should all say a prayer for her tonight.


momma0710 - January 19

Hate to even ask this but the teen forum has made me leary...does anyone know newbie off the site, any chance this could be a fake??? Newbie if your out there and you see this please don't be upset i do care about what happens to you but i've seen a bunch of girls come on here and fake a story for attention so i'm just asking....


momma0710 - January 19

SORRY missed newbies new post i take back my question!! SORRY SORRY SORRY!!!!! newbie glad to hear your ok!!!! Please don't be offended by my question!!!



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