Newbie 11 Day Old Breathing Problem

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falafal0 - November 23

Hi girls, I'm just over from the third trimester. I've jsut given birth to our fifth baby, a boy, 12 Nov. We have a 15 month old DS, 5 year old DD, 8 and 11 year old DS. Just a bit of background. Anyway, from th hour he was born, baby Ethan makes a lot of noise when he sleeps, each breath somtimes, very vocal and expressive in his sleep. Not all the time, but defintely most of the time. He also does these huge nosies where he sucks everything in, sounds like he's whooping then stops. He has a cold, his temperature is checked often and is normal, but our other babies never did this. It's quite disconerting to hear the noises sometimes, you know? He doesn't have trouble actually 'breathing' in and out, it's not laboured, but he's definitely doing something that doesn't sound good. I was wondering if anybody else might have had a baby like this?


Allisonc79 - November 23

If he has a cold it could be drainage. I went to the doc for my lo breathing funny. She said the noises she was making was just the liquid draining down. You have to figure out if it's his throat, nasal pa__sages or lungs. Sometimes it sounds as though its their lungs but its not.


angeev - November 24

My son does (did) this too. The sound is loud and gaspy, like a really deep fast breath and sounds like it hurt. He is 4w and it has gradually become less often. My mom calls it a hiccup-burp. He did it at the doc and she wasn't concerned at all, but it does scare me.


Crystal83 - November 24

My daughter is 13 weeks and has made this noise since about 2 weeks old also. It's like a high pitched noise where she's sucking in air or something. It kind of bothered me at first because I have 2 older kids as well and I can't recall them ever making any noises like that. But like you, my dd doesn't have any actual breathing problems and she is a very noisy sleeper, I wake up all the time thinking she is awake to find her fast asleep just making noise. She still makes this noise at 13 weeks and I have found that this is actually just a noise that she makes, she has started cooing and baby talking and when she gets really excited she makes this noise too. So I think it must be normal, it's just another type of baby sound. As long as she is breathing ok in between these noises I'm not too concerned about it.



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