Newborn Diaper Bag

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redemptive_angel - July 12

What should I pack in a diaper bag for my newborn? and how many? I am new to this whole thing and I an due in a few days... I would like to be a little more prepared. I plan on bottle feeding. Any advice would be appreciated!!


Heather - July 12

Are talking about for while you are at the hospital or after you bring him/her home?


redemptive_angel - July 12

I am talking about after the baby is born an your going to the store, or relatives for a visit. What should I take for a newborn?


jas - July 12

If you're talking about while you are at the hospital - You only need a going home outfit and the carseat - they provide the diapers... You might want socks and a hat. If you are talking about being out on the town, then 4-5 diapers, wipes, 1-2 outfits to change into (to include socks, hats, etc) burp cloth, hand sanatizer, bottles (you can figure out how many you need depending on how long you are going to be out) formula, spare binkie if you use them. That's pretty much all I put in mine. Oh - a changing pad too because I have this germ phobia thing about changing stations. I don't use diaper rash cream at every changing so i don't bring that with me. I think that's about it. I am sure I forgot something - I always do.


Heather F - July 13

With a newborn (i didnt know this prior to having my baby) every time the baby eats the stomach muscles expand and the baby poops - so figure you are going to need diapers for every feeding and a few for in between just in case the baby goes again - so lets say you are going out for four hours - I would bring 4 or 5 diapers. You are also going to want to use diaper cream for every change (i did anyways) becuase in the begining you are changing them so often their b___ts get raw if you dont, so you need to pack that. I always bring two changes of clothes because you never know and a bag to put soiled clothes in. burp cloth, hand sanatizer, bottles, pacifier, blanket, and bib. that should be it! oh - and if I am going out for the whole day i always bring tylonal just in case dd gets sick.


erenimi - July 13

For a newborn there is a good chance you will run into some poop situations. I always overpack on the diapers, just to be sure. Lots of wipes, and at least 1 extra outfit. I always bring a thing of formula, and some bottles with water in them so all i have to do is add the powder and its ready to go. Changing pad. Burp cloth.



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