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DB - February 3

I know I'm being paranoid but our baby is now 4 days old. We came home yesterday. All she does is sleep, eat and poop. Is that normal for the baby to constantly sleep at this point and when do they begin to spend more hours awake during the day?? Don't get me wrong, I love to stare at her and hold her while she sleeps, but it seems that's all she does and if that's normal at this point then I'm OK with that!! She hasn't been too bad at night and since my milk came in she's been feeding really well. Any advice for this new mom would be appreciated.


AshleyB - February 3

Sounds pretty normal to me! My son is now 8wks and is awake alot more and only takes a couple short naps during the day. Don't worry, she'll continue to sleep most the time for another month or two and then she'll start keeping you alot busier! Congrats on your little girl. Enjoy every moment!!


ash2 - February 3

Hi DB, she will actaully do that up untill she is about 2 months old. Her naps will get shorter as she gets older. You really need to get thwt book " what to expect the first year " saved my life and answered everything i neede to know : )


bekysu - February 3

It's normal. Enjoy! Oh, and congratulations and welcome to infant care!


sophandbob - February 4

Sounds very normal! So long as she is having some alert periods. My son was v sleepy but did not have periods of wakefulness, this was because he was jaundiced. It was coupled with a lack of interest in feeding, but was easiely fixed. your dd is feeding well, producing lots of wet nappies then all is well.


mandee25 - February 4

DB congrats on the baby and welcome to this forum. It's a lot of fun! Your baby sounds normal to me. My son did that at first and he is almost 11 weeks old now. He still sleeps a fair amount but stays awake more too.


marimar - February 4

congratulations for your baby,and don`t worry as long as he eat well ,the sleep is normal,my baby was like that too,until about 2 month,now is almost 3 and he is more awake and aware .


eclipse - February 4

Enjoy the sleeping through the night thing, in my humble experience, it didn't last. I hope it does for you. Depending on your baby, she may get more alert anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month or more. Congratulations on your little one, enjoy her. Its amazing how fast they change in a very short amount of time. My little one is 11 weeks and its like a totally different baby. Its so much fun watching them change so rapidly in the beginning, and utterly amazing. Welcome to the forum!



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