Newborn Routines

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jolou - February 7

My DS is 4 weeks old, and has yet to settle into any kind of routine. I know this is normal, but when did peoples babies start developing routines? I'm just wondering when night might become a time for sleeping again.... Also, all my books say that you should try putting you baby down awake so that they learn to settle themselves off to sleep. If I try this with my little boy he just wails, and so always falls asleep in mine or DH's arms! Any tips from anyone (without resorting to controlled crying etc)? Thank you!!


AshleyB - February 7

Hi, my son is 8wks, and I've tried establishing a schedule, but its just not happening. We have a good bedtime routine of bath, bottle bed by 11, and it never takes him long to go sleep but sometimes he'll sleep for 4hrs, sometimes only 2.5, and sometimes we only have to get up twice for feedings, sometimes hes up ever 1.5hrs, I don't understand why. We're desperately trying to get him to only get up twice in the night, we could deal with that, and it would be nice. But I don't know what else to do. Good luck.


Rabbits07 - February 7

I've always heard that you should not try to establish any type of routine until at least 3 months. That until that point and time you should feed on demand and answer all of babies cries to foster a bond and sense of trust. I don't think a baby that young is capable of being scheduled....all they know is I'm hungry so feed Some babies don't start sleeping through the night until close to a year and that is within the norm (though a total nightmare for mom). I think I would allow a little more time before really starting to try getting a routine established, until that time keep written track of when baby eats, sleeps, etc. and when you are ready to start trying to establish a routine you can follow baby's natural pattern and it should be easier.



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