Next Stage Nipples

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jb - May 12

Maybe a dumb question, but when do you switch to the next stage nipples for bottles? I use the Avent bottles and the ones I am currently using are for 0-3 months. My dd is 13 weeks. She doesn't seem like she has a problem with these nipples, but when should I switch them? I am a bit worried about having a faster flow for her, but I think that is just because I am being paranoid!! She usually eats 6oz at feeding time...8oz before bed. Thanks in advance!


Bonnie - May 12

My son was on fast flow at 2 months old! lol It just depends on the baby. If she is doing fins as she is then I would leave her be. Mason was sucking in a lot of air adn needed the fast flow nipple to counteract that.


Kelly K - May 13

The standard is 6 months, but it all depends on the baby. We switched at 4.5 months cause my DD had problems sucking from the stage 1 nipples.


jessb - May 13

JB-I had the same question. DD is 13 weeks and we are still using the stage one nipples. I have no idea how to tell when she will need the faster ones. Any ideas on you know when to switch?


HannahBaby - May 13

I never changed them. My daughter is 16 months still using stage one nipples (on her one and only bed time bottle) I always wanted to switch them but didnt see a point. As long as she was getting food and seemed content while eating i felt there was no reason to change it. The only way i would change it is if she is sucking and crying because its not enough for her. alot of parents notice more gas and spit up when they change nipples as they are getting more air.


Bonnie - May 13

Exactly. If she is happy, leave her alone. Too small of a hole will either cause gas or frustration that she can't drink fast enough. If she is happy then you are good to go. :)


Jodi - May 13

a fast flow nipple will sometimes cause them to eat too fast and thus cause an upset tummy +gas...keep that in mind. they might not act like they are having a hard time when actually they might be. you might notice to if it is coming out to fast it will run down their chin...


nic nac - May 15

ha, not a dumb question at all. My dd is 4.5 months and was on Avent nipple number 1 until she was 14 weeks. Honestly, I didn't think to change cuz she was doing fine until I talked to a few people and it dawned on me that I should switch and that was probably why she wasn't eating that much. I think she was feeding too long and getting flustered.



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