Next Step Formula At 14 Mo

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DANI - March 4

My ds is 14 mo. old and I still have him on next step formula. He's not getting enough solids that are nutritious through out the day so I've decided to keep him on the formula. Any one else out there still have their dc on next step after a yr old? I feel like i'm the only mom who has their dc on formula. And if your dc is on milk, is he or she eating a lot through out the day? thanks


ry - March 4

Good question, I was wondering the same thing. Or has anyone kept dc on their regular formula after 1 year?


DANI - March 4

ry, is your dc still on formula too? what kind if they are?


Bonnie - March 4

Mason is not, but I know several people who do use the next steps. Mostly reflux mom's who have kids that just don't eat enough so they keep them on formula just liek you have. :)


emilysmommy - March 4

My dd is 13 months and I have her on the next step formula. I tried switched her to whole milk but I guess she's not ready for it yet because she had terrible diarrhea so her ped said to keep her on formula for awhile longer. She also isn't eating enough nutritious solids so that's why I'm giving it to her. I'm also giving her a multivitamin supplement.


ry - March 4

Dani, dd is on Enfamil Gentlease but she is only 11 months old. She never did well with regular enfamil (she was a bad reflux baby) so I dont even know if she could handle the next step, although i guess so if she eats regular foods now. But I feel like she would not get enough nutrition or fluids if she wasnt still on her formula. I cant imagine just abruptly stopping when she turns one. I have been worrying about this..


melissa g. - March 5

my dd is 12 months and I am planning on doing a really slooooow transition onto whole milk, largely b/c she doesnt eat a ton of solids yet, so I'm going to keep her on a formula/milk combo for awhile, I think.


Shannon - March 5

my dd doesn't eat enough solids so i have her on the formula for older infants and a little whole milk thrown in, and she's 16 months! her ped wants her on formula until 18 months because she a small-fry.


Heather F - March 5

my pedi said that even if my dd only takes 5 bites of "real" food a day thats enough, that the baby knows what they need and they regulate themselves, they wont starve. I asked him about next step formula and he said there is no reason to keep them on formula and that the next step formula hasnt been proven to be more nutricious then whole milk.


Shea - March 5

What I worry about is the many studies are showing how even adults are so deficient in Omega 3's, and it's so important for brain development...I take a tbls of flax oil a day in my smoothie and buy omega 3 eggs, but what about kids. At least the next step has that added. I'm not really sure if flax oil is safe for young children, and ds really doesn't like eggs that much.


melissa g. - March 5

hey shea, does your baby like yobaby yogurt -- they have a variety with DHA in it.


Shea - March 5

Mellissa, actually yes, and I do buy that - he loves it!


BriannasMummy - March 5

When my dd was about 10 months old I switched her to whole milk. She didnt eat very much of the solids either. Instead of putting her on an older infant formula I bought vitamins to put in the milk. It worked well for us. ~Kristin~


austinsmom - March 5

My lo is 14 months and in on the 2nd stage formula and milk. I usually use milk if he is eating good but I will still give one bottle of formula but....when he is sick or not eating I give him the formula only and there is no doubt in my mind that it has more vit and minerals than milk and more nutritious when he won't take anything much else.


luviduvi - March 5

My dd who is now two was on next step formula a few months after she turned one. She didn't drink from a ba ba but a sippy. She never really like the whole milk so that is what we gave her. I think it says for up to 24 mths......right?


ConnorsMommy - March 5

my ds is 14mos. and i give him a sippy cup of next step formula in the morning and before bed.. then throughout the day, i give him water or whole milk.. i'm planning on keeping him on the formula till he's 2. He's not a good eater.. he hates fruits and veggies.. and lately all he's been eating is grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs... I figure the formula will help him get some nutrients..


DANI - March 6

Hi ladies! Wow, thanks for all the replies. I haven't been on the forum lately b/c I've been extremely tired (just found out I'm pregnant) Well, I now have some advice from you guys and I think I might keep ds on formula a little while longer until his appet_te increases.



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