Nick And Jessica Are Offically Done

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Random Poster - November 24

Anyone else read on Yahoo news about Nick and Jessica are offically through? It's so sad, even the "perfect" couple can't work it out. I am sure someones ego took over. Just thought i'd mention it. :)


-m - November 24

Yes! I read it on Yahoo news also. I never really pay attention to all the covers about them having trouble so I was surprised to see it.


Hate them! - November 25

Pity. They deserved each other.


Hello! - November 25

Really now this has to have been posted by one of the GPers who has recently moved over here.


well!!! - November 25

Helllo!!! ~ I see we meet again! You really are sour about not having this site to yourself, aren't you?!!!!! Anyways! I just dont know how I'll sleep tonight knowing that Nick and Jessica are going through rough times! I need a tissue!


L - November 25

Oh my gosh!!! Who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


confused - November 25

What does this have to do with Infant Care?


tsk tsk - November 25

Why fight? How stupid.


Eryn - November 26

I doesen't have anything to do w/ infant care but theres no need to be mean.


I don't know - November 26

She's pregnant isn't she? So, there is a tentative connection. How do absent fathers affect very young children? There's an infant care related subject.


TC - November 26

Shes pregnant???? BTW, all of you who are upset that someone posted about this, you did not have to click on it. You could have just moved on. I can't say that I really care either, but it is sometimes nice to talk about something other than my child. Infant care means Mommy care as well. Mommies have to talk with adults about adult issues so that they don't loose it and can be the best for their babies.


Just wondering - November 26

Are they giving refunds for "newlyweds"?


c'mon! - November 26

It kills me because you come on here to criticize this post, which i think is fine (the post) since i thought we were all friendly here and sometimes it is nice to take a break from always talking about our children. But the point is you read the t_tle of the post, if you thought it was stupid or you didnt care about it, so why did you open it, take the time to read it, and respond? Honestly, lighten up and quit your unneccessary b___hing!


enough - November 26

Come on this is getting to be stupid I've gotten so I don't come hear that much now because everything is a fight and nasty comments this is not the purpose of this site GROW UP if someone wants to talk about something different to lighten the mood then who cares enough with the childish posts


L - November 26

Eryn, learn how to write. People, stop writing about stupid things! TC, is this an "adult issue" to you. Please!


TC - November 27

"enough" I think I have to agree with you. It seems that people post just to criticize. BTW, yes L this IS an adult issue. Does it have anything to do with infants or children? We are talking about adults getting a DIVORCE aren't we. Ok then this is an adult issue. If you don't like the topic go somewhere else. Your negativity is not needed or wanted. Sheesh!!!! I am so sick and tired of people like you. Do something better with your time than come on these forums 'cause you obviously don't have anything PRODUCTIVE to say!!!!!


lmao - November 27

at talking about people you don't know getting a divorce being "productive".



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