Nick Name For Baby

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nickie13 - March 1

Whats your nick name or nick names for your baby? My husban and i have 2 -Turkey Bird and (this is her fathers ) Daddies Little Lady


mandyrenfro - March 1

baby monkey... i've always called him monkey, but now its taken on quite the literal meaning


SuzieQ - March 1

chickadee, chicken little, stinker, little balooper, chicken mcdoodle, monkey girl, sunshine, sweet pea, beautiful, momma's sweet girl..... pretty much everything except her actual name! :)


Smilefull - March 2

Roodles. Rooster. Roodle Doodles. His name is Ruhan. My daugther we call "Leaky".


Dawn - March 2

Poopy monster and peepy queen. Sweetypie


EricaLynn - March 2

My daughters name is Bailey, we call her Baileroo, Bailerific, Bailey B, Binky B, Bailers, and "That d__n baby". Haha, its in a loving way, its what Dh's parents call her when she isnt at their house! Its funny.


LollyM - March 2

aww, I call Ava buggie, baby buggie, bee, angel, dolly, love, love bug, love buggie, perfect, beautiful, short stuff, and miss thang! lol =) Dh and I have been calling her "teeny one" since she was born and we also both call her boo or baby boo-boo =) He likes to call her booger, but I think it's not lady like lol. Sometimes we call her "the sour puss" =P


LollyM - March 2

My sister calls her monkey, or baby primate because she hangs onto me like a baby primate! lol My mom calls her "the princess" =)


CyndiG - March 2

Morgan is The Monkey, has been since she was born, and also Morgan G. Carlie's names are Chubbs, Carlie Girl, and Carlie B.


Emily - March 2

We call Mary, Mary Berry, Monkey, and Super kid. We call Marcy, Baby Marce, baby bug, and super baby. My dh sings a little song about Marcy. To the tune of I;m the mp form Dora the Explorer....."Its the Marce, Its the Marce, Its the marce,,,,,,you get the idea like its thwe map same words repeated......


ssmith - March 2

I love these threads!! My dd's name is Caitlin, and her nicknames are Cate (obviously), tate, tater, schmoooo, Madam, sweetie pea, little sweet, lovee, lovee girl, baby girl. DH calls her "my girl"....apparently I have been replaced LOL My dad calls her "my Cate", and my Mom calls her "baby girl" or "baby darling." My MIL calls her "our little treasure" <barf> LOL


mandee25 - March 2

Noah's nicknames are booger boy, turd, stinky azz, buckaroo and baby boy. My sis calls him dolly. lol


hutcho1984 - March 2

ssmith. lol. my partner calls our lo 'little treasure' too! Nick names....... Monkey, Monster, AJ (Her name is Allanah Jessica), Allanah banana....the list goes on


Rabbits07 - March 2

Some we have for Mason are Squabinator, Macy Baby, Baby Face Mace, Fat Laam, Squirrel Boy....dh recently gave him that last one because he climbs everything!


jb - March 2

We call my dd scooter and monkey. Hey nickname is dad still calls me that to this day...and I am 33!!!!!!!!!!


BriannasMummy - March 2

We have soo many.. for Brianna we call her Brianna my Belle, Bee, Beana Baby, her nanny calls her Princess Her Grampy calls her Turkey # 1 and My sister calls her Pookey. With Ka__sidy we call her Ka__si, baby girl, cutie patootie her grampy calls her Turkey # 2 and my mom calls her Pretty. I love reading all of the cute little names you have for your children! ~Kristin~


hthab - March 2

Silly Willy, Baby Doll, Honey Bunny, Stinker.



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