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tish212 - June 2

Ok i had posted this question a few months back, and thinking about it the other day I realized that we have changed the nicknames we use for dd, so i was curious to know if anyone else has changed their nicknames for their LO and what nicknames the newer lo's are getting.... so here goes.... my dd name is Alexa... MIL & FIL call her Lexi... dh calls her pumpkin and Lexa and baby girl...i call her Sugar Plum, baby cake, baby bear, sugar baby, pumpkin (as well due to her red hair) and my lil cuddle bug...these are all very diff from what i used to call her, and its funny how things change over time....


jendean00 - June 2

Cute thread~~ I still call mine, Punkin or Punkinhead...and Precious Girl recently we nick named her "Missle" because she seeks and destroys anything she comes in contact with..haha . My parents call her doll-baby and punkinhead. My inlaws call her Suck-facesand fuss-a-fun-noo..not sure why though because she never fusses


tish212 - June 2

lol isnt is crazy what nicknames grandparents come up with?? I was just thinking about it the other day and realized we had changed the nicknames we use with her, and wanted to see if anyone else was evolving with the nicknames or if they were still using the same ones... i like the missle nickname that is super cute!! My dd seems now to be able to zero in on things like my cell phone and the laptop and just leans and leans to try to reach them, which if she ever did she would stick her mouth to them and cover them in drool lol prolly not so good...


kimberly - June 2

My dd's name is Kyleigh we call her baby girl, precious, Miss Grabby Hands, and the newest "The Demolator" because she demolates everything in site. Oh and dh calls her wiggles.


Gretta - June 2

Aw - I started calling my dd "Poodle Noodle" ....


iemc19 - June 3

My ds is 'splodge' because he looks like he's a right chunk in his washables and is always messy and in the dirt...5 minutes after you clean him up he's a total tink again!


momtbc - June 3

We've changed to girly. Pretty much everyone calls her that that spends time with her. If not, I've tried to encourage everyone to use her whole name - Samantha - instead of shortening it.


tish212 - June 3

momtobc- i have been trying to encourage ppl to use my dd name as well...which is Alexa Breeann I would like to call her by both names but ppl are still bringing it down to Lexi, so i guess its a lost battle!! Socur- those are such cute names! my name is now no one calls me tish any dh now just calls me mommy instead of the usual name he calls me...


wantanotheraftertr - June 3

My Ds is Joseph John we thought we would just call him J.J. but only my side of the family uses it. DH family calls him Joe. DH and I call him mostly Joseph or Joe. But we do have a few cutsie names as well. Stinky b___t, stinky , booger, booger man, little man, goober, goober boy, and Bubba, Cutie pie, sugar plum are also among them. We try to use his full name often so he will learn that too.


countrymom401 - June 3

My lo name is wyatt. We also have changed his nicknames as well. I call him bubble but , Pumpkin,Popple, or DD for destruct and destroy because he really seems to like to break stuff, Slam doors and just run around like he owns the place. LOL


cblack - June 3

DS's name is Gibson, and we call him all sorts of things. Bubba is the main one, I guess that may be a southern thing? lol? Bubbi, Baby Boy, Sugar Booger, Gibby, Stinky (I dont know where this one came from, I probably changed a stinky diaper one day and it stuck?), Booger Bear, Sweetie Pie, Sweet Baby Boy. I think thats it, but who knows... I will probably make up more as time goes on.


tish212 - June 3

Wantanother-thats cute that we both use the name sugar plum... i call her that a lot...and sugar bear....its amusing howmany ppl use similar names.... and that we use sooo many... this is great ladies!!


jodie - June 6

My daughters name is Kallie and my son has come up with most her nick names....but right now we call her Kallzilla (because she also destroys everything) Kallapocky,sissy girl, rubyloo,kallarooni macaroni, kallaroony,and Gotta love nick names!!


L1NDZ - June 6

Amazing how many nicknames they can get!! My son's name is Ashton and his nicknames are: Boobah, Bugsy, Bubba, Bug-a-Boo, Grumpy Gus, Boo-gah,...hee hee...I think there are many more...but it's all situational!! LOL!


tish212 - June 7

I like how many ppl have chosen boo-nah as a nickname, however the funny thing is, my dd is b___stfed and we call b___b b___bah...that way if she learns the word she won't walk around saying b___b...instead she will say b___bah...



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