Night Light Question

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austinsmom - January 25

So I have been told if I leave a night light on in lo's room he will get used to it and without it be scared of the dark........does anyone know if there is any truth to this or is this one of those ole wives tales?


cae - January 25

I sure hope its not true, I have been using one since day 1.


ashtynsmom - January 25

I have heard this too, so we have NEVER used one. Ashtyn walks all aorund the house in the dark- she has no fear. I can see where that would be true, though... I mean if you have never truly been in the pitch black dark, and then suddenly you are... very scary, especially for a little one!


Shea - January 25

Actually, I don't like the dark, so ds has a nightlight - and so do I, lol.


rl- - January 25

well I have one for my ds just so I can see if I have to go in his room to check on him but it is not super bright it is a superman one and it has red and blue so the colors keep it from being bright and making the room bright but really I don't think it should have an effect on weather or not they are scared of the dark, most of the time a kid gets scared of the dark cause another older kids has told them about "monsters" LOL!!


Rabbits07 - January 25

Don't know about that...I do know there was a study a while back linking night lights to myopia.


eclipse - January 25

I have one in his room so I can see when I go in there, but our bedroom doesn't have one, so he is exposed to both sets of lighting situations. So far, so good.


eclipse - January 25

Oh, and we both have gla__ses, so the kid doesn't have a chance with the myopia thing lol


vonzo - January 25

i'm TERRIFIED of the dark so i need to have a light on, i cant sleep or do anything in the dark without freaking so i guess dd will need to wait until she gets moved into her own room before she experiences the dark...what a wuss i am!!!


ash2 - January 25

Well i still have to have a night light on , lol


Erin1979 - January 25

We used one from day one as well, but about 2 weeks ago, it broke, and I haven't replaced it. DD seems fine without. I'm not sure.....maybe once she is in a toddler bed, I'll get her another one. I never had one....not afraid of the dark.



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