Night Sleeping And Night Nursing S

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JJ5235 - May 19

Hi I have an 8 week old ds and I need some advice please. My son nurses A LOt which I am fine with. He takes about 3 naps a day that last about 1-2 hours each. I keep him up in the early evening to tire him out and then I bath him then he gets a lotion massage, his p.j's and then we nurse. During the day I will swaddle him and put him in his swing for naps because his swing is the only place he will sleep and he will go right to sleep but at night when I do the same thing after our bath etc. he screams and cries so I pick him up comfort nurse and try again. Well this will go on for about 3 hours until he is wore out. I try laying in bed with him and nursing but he falls asleep then wakes up over and over again. Then he gets so hyper before he gets tired (overtired). I dont know how to avoid this or what to do. I do co-sleep with him but I like for him to fall asleep in his swing for the first couple hours so I can have me time to take a bath or get on the computer. He only sleeps for 2 maybe 3 hours on a good night then he nurses. I get restful sleep when he is in bed with me but I have to figure something out about the initial going to bed. Also, He seems to have a poor latch when we are sleeping b/c he just draws my nipple in his mouth which is making me sore. I try to make him latch better but when it gets close to his mouth he just sucks it right in. How can I fix this. i am afraid it is going to effect his latch for other times when we are not sleeping. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Jessica


Rabbits07 - May 20

I have some advice for the poor latch as I noticed with my ds that he seemed to have a little more difficulty latching on when side lying. Stroke the chin or cheek close to the mouth with the nipple and watch for him to open his mouth and begin searching for the b___st. Keep a hold of the b___st, when you see his mouth about to latch on, if he doesn't have his mouth open wide enough pull back so that he cannot latch on. It was my experience with my son that after a few tries and not getting it he would open wider. When I seen his mouth was open good and wide I also leaned in to make sure as much of the nipple as possible went in before he started sucking.At first we also had a couple of bouts where he got mad and opened real good and wide to let out a wail...that was perfect, I just popped it in there and he never even got the chance to


jas - May 20

Maybe you should start the bed time routine a little later so he is more tired when you put him in his swing. I had somewhat of the same problem, but it was his crib he wanted no part of. We would start his bath at 7 and have him in bed by 9. We would fight for a couple of hours and then he would sleep... So we pushed things back a few hours and when we now put him down at 11 - he goes right out with no problems....


jas - May 20

When I say fight - I mean we would pick him up, he would fall asleep, we put him back in bed - he would scream and the cycle would continue...



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