Night Time Bottle

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jennyr - January 24

My dd is going to be 13 mnths in a couple of days. I am not sure if I am doing anything right. I give her a 5 oz botle of milk before bed. She gets her bath and then a bottle and then to bed. Yes I still hold her to go to sleep and I hld her nightime bottle. Should I try to get her out of the night time bottle or is it ok that she still gets that bottle. I have tired letting her fall asleep on her own in her crib after I feed it it to her and that does not work she screams forever and just won't give in. Any thoughts?


Nerdy Girl - January 24

My 14 month old still gets a bedtime bottle, and I am wondering the same thing you are. My first child was b___stfed and self-weaned by 12 months. Now I have a bottle fed baby so I am not sure exactly how to do this! I know that plenty of people b___stfeed beyond 12 months old, so I don't know why it's so horrible to still give a bottle beyond 12 months. My main problem with my son is that he will not drink cow's milk at all except for the two bottles he gets each day -- one before the afternoon nap and one before bed.


Emily - January 24

ha nerdy girl, my bf baby slef weaned from my b___b to a bottle of cows milk at 11 mos.....she had a bottle til she was 18 mos,,,, I know bad mommy....but now she uses a sippy cup as a bottle. she doesnt carry one a round, but she wants a drink when she is tired and drains a sippy before nap and bedtime,,,,,,but at least she stays up long enough to brush her teeth before bed afterwards.....I hope you find it easeir than I did....


Jenn2 - January 24

My dd is almost 7 months old. From early on I started her taking her last bottle while she was laying in the crib. It sounds funny, but it works! I would turn out the light, and have everything ready...then lay her in the crib, and put the bottle in her mouth whle she is laying there. She would suck it, and by the time she was finished she was very sleepy. I know give her the bottle before we go into her room, and I just read to her and put her in her crib. She will go right to sleep w/o fussing within 10 min. of me putting her down. I learned that from the baby whisperer book


Jenn2 - January 24

I ment to say my dd is 7.5 months old.....was not thinking about what I was typing.


amyh - January 25

I had the same question, but one of my friends told me that most people do give the bottle before bed. I also have a problem that fits in this category. Last week, my daughter got her first tooth at 11 months old. She was always waking and got into a different routing. Now, she wants a bottle at around 4am. Problem is I have to get up 3 days a week at 4:30am to go to work and this half an hour really kills I readily give the bottle to put her back to bed. How can I stop this? Just warm water? (she gets warm tea too, but that she just drinks up...doesn't seem to do the same trick as milk) Dilute milk in water? That's what I am thinking....



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