Nitrates In Water

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Rabbits07 - May 22

Just thought I would post this as I read it in the latest issue of Parents. It stated that tap water that is boiled before being used to mix formula (or give to baby in any form) should be boiled no longer than 1 minute. It read that boiling for longer can concentrate the nitrates that are naturally in the water and make it more toxic to baby! Just wanted to share.


RB - May 22

what about if you use an electric kettle? did it mention anything about that cuz i've been using one for quite some time and i've read about nitrates from veggies when prepping your own baby food but not this - now i'm freaking out!


Narcissus - May 22

"what about if you use an electric kettle?" ---- hmmm??? boiled water is boiled water, no matter what you boil it in.


kimberley - May 22

I only boil my water until it is boiling, then I switch it off.


Rabbits07 - May 23

I have a regular top-of-stove kettle and it begins whistling right after the water starts boiling....I would imagine an elactric one does the same. I would read the owner's manual and see if it states how long the water boils. If anyone would like to read that it is in the June 2006 issue of Parents, page 52.


RB - May 23

thanks rabbits07 - i checked up on nitrates in water and municipal water supplies have limited nitrates so that makes me feel a bit better... nonetheless, i've been standing beside my kettle waiting each time for 60 seconds to pa__s - talk about " a watched pot..." - thanks!


ryanslilmama - May 24

Some info about nitrates... I am a project chemist at an environmental lab in Albuquerque, NM. At our lab we perform lots of a___lysis to help public systems and private clients be sure about the condition of their drinking water. Ladies, if you are on city water- check out the water quality report prepared by the city you live in- it should have information about what exactly is in your water. If you are on a well- GET YOU WATER TESTED! Especially if you are also on a septic tank. Nitrate/ Nitrite levels below the EPA reg limits are critical if you are making formula with your tap water. NO3 (nitrate) must be below 10 mg/L and NO2 (nitrite) must be below 1 mg/L. See the EPA website for more information. If you want to test your water- or want more information please email me at work- I would be happy to help anyone who has any questions about drinking water quality. If I were to test my well water I would look for Nitrate, Nitrite, Lead, Copper and Arsenic as well as Total Coliforms, and E. Coli. Find a local lab to test your water- our lab charges $75 for those a___lysis (but have the capablity to do almost any other a___lysis you request). Personally I think $75 is totally worth it for peace of mind!



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