No Finger Foods Until 1 Year Old

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aurorabunny - January 23

A good friend of mine who has 1 and a half year old twin boys was chatting with me tonight and said she had to make sure and tell me that whatever I did, I shouldn't give my son finger foods until he turns 1?? That doesn't sound like what everyone else does to it?? Brody is almost 7 months old and I was planning on starting him on finger foods within the next month or I crazy or is she?? LOL


Hana - January 23

I am going to refrain from giving my kid finger foods until im 100% he is able to chew it. Im SOOOO paranoid of choaking. At times of crisis i freeze and so im so frightened that i wont be able to perform first aid. I've had this paranoia for ages by the way lol


ren05 - January 23

hi, it's completly up to you when you start. i gave my ds finger foods around 7 months.don't worry about what your friend says, as long as the foods you give are easy to get down. i started off with banana,toast,well cooked pasta & what you feel is best.goodluck


amyh - January 23

Do whatever you feel comfortable with! I started giving my daughter finger foods at around 8-9 months- she choked...freaked me out completely! Now, she has done it a few more times, but not as bad and she always clears it herself. I just make sure that the pieces are soft and SMALL. And, what makes me more comfortable is to only give them when my husband or someone else is around. That way, I am not the only one if something happens. As I have gotten more comfortable with this, I have started to do some on my own...pasta, apple chunks, small carrot sticks (all cooked, of course), small pieces of grapes, etc.


jokes123 - January 23

I started about 8 months. I just started with little pieces and as he got better and better he would get bigger pieces. I started with banana and those graduate fruit puff things, and toast and now he can eat pretty much anything as long as it's cut up. The hardest thing to get him used to was noodles. But now he's fine. I don't even have to cut up macaroni or anything like that.


Emmie - January 23

If she has twins it may have been just to much trouble to start the finger food earlier. I imagine it would be harder to watch for choking with 2 children. Also some babies do not get teeth until a lot later. I had a friend that her baby was getting her first tooth when she was 11 months old.


LisaB - January 23

My ds was eating a ton of table foods by 1 year. He is also a little chewer I will now at 14 months give him a slice of pizza and he takes tiny little bites its very cute but he eats like a pro and I am always watching him. I think it depends on the kid my sisters 2nd boy was a shovler he would cram his mouth as full as possible so for here she had to be much more careful. It depends on what you feel is right for you. Trust you gut


amyh - January 23

My daughter just got her first tooth on Saturday- 11months old. But, babies gum the food I have been told.


cae - January 23

I think it depends on how well he does when you introduce finger foods. Some pick up faster than others. Ethan hasn't done well with finger foods and he will be turning 1 year this friday. So I have not tried pushing it. This past week he has been doing better. So I say if your LO is ready then go for it, but dont push it if he isnt. Babies get most of their nutrition needed from b___stmilk/formula for the first years of their lives anyways. Good luck


aurorabunny - January 23

Well thank you for all the helpful responses ladies!! One more question----do they just gum the food or does how many teeth they have play a big role?? Brody is almost 7 months and still doesn't have any teeth...LOL. Wasn't something I was planning on doing for a couple months, but just planning ahead


sahmof3 - January 23 youngest didn't get his first tooth until he was 8 months, but was still able to gum cheerios, banana, pasta, etc. by about 7 months.


Bonnie - January 23

Mason started finger foods at 7 months. has some good ideas for you to try based onage. just go with your gut instinct and follow your baby's cues. Some are ready at 7 months and some need a little longer. Start off with tiny bits like half a puff or cheerio, or tiny b___s of cheese.


rl- - January 23

i started my ds at around 6to7 months when he started getting teeth and could chew some and I just started with the puffs wich mostly desolve without alot of chewing but I have never heard of waiting til they are a year old....


Emily - January 23

Ha, I think Marcy would be really p__sed at me if I tried to refrian form giving her finger foods till she was one. She was not ready for anything but b___st milk and occationally formula, but after I gave her some cereal and fuits, she was soon ready for finger foods. She is 7mos old and has no teeh, but she loves to mash things with her gums,,,we give ritz crackers that melt easily, toast and biscuts cut into strips, we give her baked fris, and other soft foods. We watch her really carefully but she was so interested in what we were eating and she reached for food. So I tried once by giving her a piece of toast. Her eyes got really big and reaced for it, picked it up by her finger and thumb(Pincher grasp) and it went straight for her mouth, she put it in and chewed with her gums….she knew right what to do with it……so I really think it is up to you and your baby….



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