No More Baby Food Please

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babygirls1st - March 22

My 6.5 month old suddenly doesn't want babyfood anymore. Its been 5 days and he turns his head away, but opens wide for my food. Right now he is getting majority br___tmilk with cereal in the bottle. Is this a phase, I've cut him out of "Tasting" my food. What am I supposed to give him. Any of you experienced this?


pbj - March 22

Sorry...I'm just curios why you're adding cereal to a bottle? Is it for a medical reason...if not maybe could he be getting full from the cereal? If he gets to drink the majority of his food, which is easy, maybe he's getting lazy?


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 22

Give him some of your food. Like mashed potatoes. Soft things he can eat. Shreeded cheese. Things like that are fine. Now dont cut it out completely, but baby food sucks, so he is realizing yours taste better. Just find the things he likes and go from there.


tiffani - March 22

My kids never quit baby food this early, but what I would try if I were you is to put some of his food on your plate. Pretend like you're eating it too. Maybe then he'll think he's getting the good stuff. :o)


babygirls1st - March 22

To pbj....I only started adding cereal to his bottle when he started refusing to eat his babyfood.


babygirls1st - March 22

My mother keeps my ds while im working. She called me a little while ago and said he refused food again... we still try everyday. So she mashed up some noodles and greed beans really fine.She said he ate it ALL. lol....Also she tried to give him some baby applesauce, he saw her opening the jar and immediately turned his head, so she pretended she was eating it and he then ate the whole jar.....I guess i'll have to invest in a baby blender or something......


pbj - March 22

Glad to hear he ate...babies are funny.


Sarahsmommy - March 23

I would buy the blender. Try steamed veggies and stuff like that. I don't think I would eat baby food, yucky!


KrisD - March 23

Are you on the meats yet?? Or meals? My guy definitely got bored of the 1s and was ready to move on. Also, like you discovered...They are smart little guys, huh?! My baby would prefer to swipe food off my plate, too! Last night he ate all my peas, but doesn't like thm from the jar. Go figure. And keep presenting it to him, just like you are.



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