No Period And No Positive Test Ot

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LollyM - March 1

Ok, so my period is quite late at this point. It is about a week late. I br___tfeed my almost 7 month old, and I take the mini-pill. I took a test two days ago and it was negative.... I still have no signs of a period and I am having thicker discharge than usual, It actually looks like it did the last time I was pregnant! I have some nausea, but I do have chronic reflux, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything! lol. Anyway, i am trying to figure out why my lovely cycle seems to be MIA! Any ideas? Could it be from br___tfeeding or the pill? Any input would be helpful. Thanks!


julieB - March 1

After my ds i did not get a period till my ds was over 6 months.. I also bf.. Good luck to you..


LollyM - March 1

Well, I did get my period back 3 months pp and they have been just about 28 days between since. That's why it's so strange that I am a week late now ya know? I suppose it could still be from bf though.


apr - March 1

oh, well i just read your babys age. mine is almost 7 months too. actually in 13 days.


Heather F - March 1

my baby bfed for 9 months and I didnt have my first pp cycle until 11 months pp, and even then it wasnt like it used to be. I am sure you can attribute the lateness to bfing.


Emily - March 1

one of the side effects of the mini pill and bf isireegular period. You may be getting your first dose. Wait a week, if no period, take another test and then you can call your doc if still neg, or if pos too I supose.....anyway my periods are on time one month, I skip a month, then I get one a week early. I am also on the mini pill and bf my 8 month old, holy c___p she is 8.5 mos ,sorry, can't belive how time flies......this is new and kinda scary for me as before I got pergnant the first time, I was so regular I could always tell the day I was goign to start.,......I was never wrong, and now i is anyones guess


LollyM - March 1

Emily, that is like me, I have ALWAYS been so regular, so this is just so strange for me. I find it amazing how we have to re-learn everything we think we know about our bodies when we have a baby! It's good to knbow I'm not alone in this though =) I suppose I will just keep an eye on things. It's funny because I could always guess the exact number of hours my period would come too! I was very in tune with my body. Now, I just have no clue what is going on! lol



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