No Tear Baby Wash

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New mom - November 17

Yesterday i tried to see whether they real work or not i washed my eyes with no tear baby washes.."baby johnson's, Aveeno" and they both burned my eyes like i'm being so careful on using them on my son's eyes areas..did u try them??


Ashley - November 17

Really???? I've actually been meaning to try them for a while cause I always wondered if it was true. Hmmmm.... I'll try it tonight!


yup - November 17

The johnson's didn't burn to me. It just made this dry eye feeling. I tried it diluted with water, like I would use on the baby. This way it the least uncomfortable, but putting it directly into my without diluting it did sting a bit. The shampoo also gave me the dry eye feeling, but it happened diluted and not diluted.


Jadyns Mommy - November 17

I have been using the Huggies Baby Wash and twice it has been splashed into my eye and didnt burn or anything but it was a pretty small amount. So far Jadyn hasnt had any problems either.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 17

I havent actually rubbed it in my eyes, but Amaya is very active in the bath and splashes alot so I have gotten it in the eyes a few times and it has never burned. The thing that burns the most to me is just plain water.


Katie - November 17

Did you rub the soap right into your eye or did you have more of a lather? I know that can make a difference because it is more diluted.


TC - November 18

I tried it as well with Johnson & Johnson and it burned like hell. I screamed bloody murder and my husband just stared at me. A couple of days later he told me to put some water in my eyes and see how I felt. I still burned like hell. I realized that I am a big baby and now I have to admit I am nervous when I wash my son. I am thinking that maybe he is a punk like me and anything that is in his eyes will burn him. I am sorry if this sounds crazy. So, I say when washing your baby's hair try not to let anything get in their eyes bc you never know.


Kathryn - November 19

My son has tons of hair and it gets washed every other day. Just tonight some ran into his eyes but it didn't seem to bother him at all.


P - November 19

When I bathe my eight-monht-old daughter I deliberately splash the water down her face because it makes her laugh. It goes in her eyes all the time and she has never yet complained. It never occured to me to test it for myself, I just a__sumed it wouldn't hurt her. I feel like such a lemming...


Lissi - November 19

I use Johnson's no tears baby bath. Nadya often gets it in her eyes when she's splashing about, but she doesn't mind it at all.



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