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TinaMarie - June 16

Hi! Everyone talks about teething starting at 4m. I know every baby is different but Angelina is 7 month and still has no teeth. She has shown all the signs (or what I thought were all the signs) for 2 months now. She drools constantly, she bites on anything that gets near her and has had a runny nose and the rosy cheeks on and off. Is there anyone else that has an older baby with no teeth? I know they will come when they are ready! My ped is so sick of me asking that he teases me and say "oh yeah, I think I see a tooth coming in!!" lol.


Chelle - June 16

My daughter didn't get her first tooth until she was 8 months old. She's 10 months now and has 3 teeth with a 4th coming in.


Mandy1984 - June 16

hey my eldest daughter (now 5) got her first tooth (well 2 came up) at 9mths. She never 'teethed'' as such, no pain, no drooling ect... her teeth used to just come up in her sleep :) She also didn't get a hair on her head until she was over 2yrs!!! My second daughter was born with a tooth!! At 9weeks another 2 came up at the bottom and by 4 mths she had a full mouthful of teeth, She was kinda weird looking, a tiny little baby with a mouth full of teeth :)


pbj - June 16

My dd is also 7 mths with all the signs for the past 3 months and still nothing. I know how you feel. I refuse now to blame any change in her behavior on teething, I just don't believe they will ever come in.


Rabbits07 - June 16

All mine were over 1 year when they got their first tooth.


TinaMarie - June 16

pbj....I laughed so hard when I read your post. For the last few months everything was sue to "teething". She was cranky.....must be teething, she had a runny nose....oh no must be teething, etc, etc. So my husband and I joke now when she cries or is having a day she does not eat much. oh I guess she is teething again. I am with you, I will no longer blame changes on


HannahBaby - June 16

My daughter didnt get a tooth until she was 9 months old!! and in 8 months she got 15 teeth!!


Christy - June 16

My son is over 7 months old and still toothless as well. I keep thinking maybe next week, but alas, nothing. :D


Sarahsmommy - June 16

My cousin was 15 months old before she got her first tooth.


Tami - June 16

My daughter is 8 and 1/2 months now and no teeth. She has been showing all the signs for awhile now, but I just think the stubborn things won't come up! Anyways, I wanted to add that I have heard that the later the teeth come in, generally the healthier the teeth later on. Hope its true!


Jamie - June 16

My daughter didn't get any teeth until she was almost 9 months. She did get 2 teeth in the course of 1 week, though, but none since then.


jess - June 18

my son just over 8 months had no teeth...........just lots of drooling, lie forever, since he was 3 months..................i gave up too,AND then about 3 days ago a little white in the bottom...........EURIKA a tooth!!!! we havent had any of this 'teething' beaviour i had been so warned about though!


olivia - June 18

Anna Mae got a tooth last weekend! 10 months (in 2 days) and one very sharp tooth :) It makes me sort of glad we had to ween from bf with my pregnancy -- feeling how sharp that little thing is!


AA - June 24

My dd got her first two teeth at 8 months old. Was showing teething signs from about 3 months old! No sign of anymore soon on the way yet.


Bonnie - June 24

Well,if it makes you feel any better, Mason's GI doc told him that teething pain starts long before the teeth every reach the gums. So feel free to blame it all on teething, rofl.


Eryn @ MN - June 24

My daughter is 9 1/2 months and still no signs of teeth yet. I am not to worried, enjoying those gum smiles!


TinaMarie - June 24

Angelina finally had her 2 bottom teeth break through! She had hardly any symptoms. Not very cranky either!



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