Noah Loves His Intellitainer

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mandee25 - February 17

I went out and bought Noah his exersaucer today. It is the Fisher Price Intellitainer and so far he likes it. It has so many activities for him to do to keep him entertained. He will be 3 months on the 21st. I think hubby likes it more than Noah. lol


cae - February 17

Ahh...the exersaucer was one of the best investments for us too. Ethan used his at about 4months. Ethan loved it, and it is great to use when you need to jump in the shower.


dee23 - February 17

well im glad it works for you. we spent alot of money on an expensive jiter bug excersaucer, and he is tethig and going through seperation axiety so it w cat leave himin it for even a minute while we eat or back to the drawing board to buy something else expensive that might work.


mandee25 - February 18

Is 3 months too young to use an exersaucer? My son can hold his head up very well and the seat adjusts up and down for his height. When did your LO start using an exersaucer?


mandee25 - February 20



cae - February 20

I think it depends on how well your LO does. I think that 3moths is too young though. My son was and is 95% H/W so he was always bigger, and we tried him at 3months and he was just too small for it. He started using it my 4months, and we still used bath blankets around him to so that he could sit upright, without slouching over. Those seats are just so HUGE. I would probably wait another month or so and try again.


Celia - February 20

My dd started using her's a couple weeks ago and she's almost 4 months and does really well sitting in it. I think it's been great leg exercise for her legs and she will sit and turn her self round and round lol. At first she just stared at the toys but now she actually plays with them. As long as he can support himself in the seat then it is fine. Since my DD hates tummy time it has been a life saver!



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