Noisy Dog

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Narcissus - June 20

My son's room faces the backyard where there are 5 dogs - 3 rotties and 2 beagles. He wakes up every night from all the barking. Our yard is fenced so I don't worry much about attacks but the noise!! The dogs are also kenneled so it makes it easier for the owners to leave them outside for long periods. It's so frustrating. This was our 1st home purchase so we were not seasoned with regards to what to look for when you buy a home.


Shanna - June 20

Narcissus, have you ever called and complained about all the dogs? its rough with just the one, can't imagine 5 yapping dogs!!


Narcissus - June 20

The rotties are not so awful and they tend to keep the barking to a minimum but the beagles will bark if the wind b__ws up their a__s the wrong way and they like to howl as well. The rotties live next door to the beagles so I would be dealing with two different owners. The only owners that tick me enough to call the cops are the beagle family. I love beagles, don't get me wrong (used to own one) but I am not a fan of ignorant owners and I don't have much interest in asking them nicely. They should know and nobody should have to tell them about what I am positive they can hear.


Ca__sieSong - June 20

This is not quite the same because there isn't a dog barking problem here, but man are our neighbors noisy sometimes! It drives me crazy. It's not bad noisey... like loud music... but they are totally into their lawn/flowers and are ALWAYS mowing, hedging, trimming, chain sawing, etc. You name it. If it has a motor, they're gonna use it! I wouldn't mind except that now we have a baby who needs to sleep. Sorry this is a little OT... isn't it amazing though what we notice and what bugs us when we have little ones?


SonyaM - June 20

I completely agree with you Narcissus. I KNOW the neighbors can hear the dogs barking. I think the people across town can hear the dogs barking. Why should I have to tell them that their dogs are barking. And I don't want to confront them, have them do nothing and then call the police. They would positively know it was us and that would be VERY uncomfortable. We built our home and we were one of the first on our street (with no one behind us) so it was a total c___pshoot as to who our neighbors would be. When these particular neighbors moved in they did not have any dogs. Sorry for venting....


Narcissus - June 21

Sonya, I would love it if all I had to do was ask nicely but I am thinking that if they leave their dogs out to bark, possibly while they are not home, then they must need to leave them outside for a reason and me simply asking them to change their routine and move their dogs indoors, may not be as easy for them to do as it is easy for me to ask that of them. Long winded so sorry... That's why I would rather the police deal with them, so they know it's serious. Where I live, people ride unsecured in the back of open pick up trucks and say, "you done good". They also tend to be less uptight than me and more likely to ignore barking dogs... I am sure they would hate us, lol!! BTW - no barking last night:) This was the 1st night in a long time. If their dog barks every now and then, I can let it go but not several nights per week and not at midnight.


Narcissus - June 21

Oh, lol, just about everyone here owns at least one gun or more likely, a rifle. People get shot over this kind of stuff.


DeeJay - June 21

I am a huge animal activist, however, I can't stand barking dogs either! It is their owners fault of course, but here is a solution that may help. I have used this on my 2 dogs as well as others. There is a device you can buy at Home Depot or some bigger pet stores, it is noise activated and covers quite a large area, and everytime a dog barks it emmits a high frequency noise that only dogs can hear. And they don't like it. It does not harm them and I found that it works pretty good. Not 100%, but it really helped. They also sell collars that you put on the dog that help much better, but of course that would only work for your own pets! Unfortunately where I live the police will not usually come out for a barking dog unless its a slow night, and it is never a slow night! Good luck!


Narcissus - June 21

I think that is a great idea and good as a last resort. I just told my dh and he said in a snotty voice, "we shouldn't have to buy anything...". Do you know how much it costs? Ca__sie, I had that problem when I lived in Boston and we were on the 1st floor of a two family house. I guess we can't win unless we move to the country.


Shanna - June 21

Ok, so I kinda feel like a dork; gave my dd a bath last night and put her in her swing and hark, the dog did bark! So i'm thinking, I know that our back door and look across the alley and see nothing. So I'm looking around and glance in my neighbors yard and it was their dog!! They have 3, 2 little yipping dogs that they let in and out and a larger dog, don't know what kind. Dog seems sweet enough but I sometimes forget he/she lives there, think they leave this dog outside all the time and the dog goes under their porch so you don't always see it. So glad I checked before I called the police and reported the wrong people!! I actually did not call the cops last night, dog was quiet when I put dd to bed but I happened to wake up around 1 in the morning and guess who was barking? And guess who barked for almost an hour straight? We are pretty friendly with those neighbors so hopefully myself or hubby can catch them at home and talk to them. I've never owned a dog but I just can't see letting them stay outside all day, especially with the hot weather we have been having here. I'm sure dogs can get sick from the heat just like we can.


Narcissus - June 21

It's good that you feel you can talk with them about it. At least you know them and they may care enough to change the problem. Or maybe not. Let us know how it goes.



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