Non Stress Tests Any Mom S Had To Have Them

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YC - September 21

Hello Mommies...I have a question that maybe some of you who have already delivered an answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I was just wondering if anyone had to have non-stress tests (NSTs) at the begining of the third trimester. If so why did you have to have them? How long did you have to have them and what was the outcome? The reason I ask is becasue I am 27 weeks 5 days and my doctor started me on NSTs yesterday. I will go two days a week from now until the end of the pregnancy. The reason I am going is because I am not feeling any fetal movement. When I went yesterday I was hooked up to the Doppler and the machine that checks for contractions. The machine showed that I was having a Braxton Hick's Contraction but when the nurse asked I could not feel a thing. The baby's heartrate was fine. They did two ultrasounds, the first one to look at movement and later came back to do a second to check the amniotic fluid levels. According to the doctor everything looks fine and the baby is moving at the rate she is supposed to, for some reason I just can't feel it. I am trying not to freak out but as a paranoid first-timer of course I am. Just wondering if anyone had a silmillar experience. I would love all the info I can get. I can't seem to find much about it on the internet.


Jamie - September 21

I don't know why you can't feel your baby, but I'm glad everything appears to be normal...I started weekly NSTs when I hit 30 weeks; it's kinda wierd...I was borderline, my levels were just barely below what was needed to consider me as having pre-eclampsia; so, I got checked weekly, and so did my little girl...made it to 37 weeks, though, before I officially developed pre-eclampsia and had to be induced. Also...I was in full-b__wn labor on pitocin, and my contractions felt like strong menstrual cramps, so it's not wierd at all that you can't feel your BH. Just relax, stay calm, and take it easy...I'd say, trust in your doctor, or find one that you do trust, and know that modern medicine can work miracles. Good luck!!! Oh yah - your baby's position might be why you can't feel him/her - could be that it's up against your spine, or the placenta's in the way...I seem to remember hearing that was a possibility. Anyway, again - good luck!


Chelsey - September 21

My baby wasn't doing to well, I could feel him moving but he just wasn't growing. On top of countless ultrasounds (7), and Doctors appointments, I had a Nurse come to my house to hook me up to the fetal monitor and count movement etc. The time depended on how much the baby moved. If he was moving around lots, and had so many movements in 10 minutes, then the test was over. If he chose to not move around at all, had minimum movements, then they would leave me hooked up to the machine for an additional 8 minutes. If still not enough movement, another 8 minutes etc.... If the baby had not moved a certain amount of time within 2 hours, then I would have been sent to the hospital. Thank God my baby was always so cooperative! Its normal to not always feel BH contractions. This can be of babys size or positioning. I had a b___ton that I had to click everytime I felt baby move or if I felt BH. The computer would decifer what was which. If I had more contractions than what they allow, once again would have had to go to the hospital. When the Nurse didn't come over, I had to do fetal movement counts, and a big questionnaire, 3 times a day. It sounds like you had a Biophysical done during your u/s. Thay are pretty accurate for finding information. My Doctor said usually within 15% either way. But if you have anymore questions about the tests, I've still got my file with all the criteria they pertain to and expectations they have when performing the test. Good Luck!


YC - September 21

Thanks Jamie- yes I do love my doctor and I really feel I am in good hands. She was on vacation yesterday but her colleague (another ob/gyn), a midwife and an RN all took great care of me. The midwife did say the the baby's position may be part of the problem. Some of the time she was kicking towards my back and apparently there aren't any nerves there or at least not enough to pick up movement. Chelsey- thanks also! I have lots of questions so I appreciate the offer to answer them! The midwife said I will go in twice a week and they will put me on the monitors for 20-25 minutes. That's all she really said so I will see how it goes on Friday. When they were talking amongst themselves (the staff) they were saying things like reactive and non reactive. I wasnt sure what that meant. The midwide said it would be explained more as I get further along but the baby's health is not judged on this criteria at 27 weeks. What happened with your little one? Did you have the tests until the end of your pregnancy? How are you and baby doing now?


chelsey - September 21

Well, after I went through all of that, they decided that he needed to come out. So I had an u/s on July 15/05 at 3:00pm and he was in my arms at 11:07 pm that same night! So yeah, I had test right up until the end! He was 5 weeks early. Weighed 4 lbs 3 oz, 16.1 inches long! Little guy! He was absolutely fine, and we got to take him home from the hospital a week and 3 days later! He's now almost 10 weeks old, and weighs about 9 lbs and is about 20 inches long!


YC - September 21

Wow Chelsey, that's great. I am so glad to hear that everything turned out fine! I bet you are having a blast being a mom. I can't wait. Is he your first? Did you have a c-section?


Jbear - September 22

With my first pregnancy, I had NST's from 25 weeks on. I had one every week until 36 weeks, when I had my baby. I had high blood pressure, which is why the tests were ordered. The reason that they do the tests is to make sure the baby remains in good health. If you have a good NST there's a 99% chance your baby will surivive another week in the womb, which is why they test every week. I don't mean to scare you, I just wouldn't let them do any tests without explaining why, and that's what they told me. I've heard the same thing Jaime said, that if you have an anterior placenta you won't feel movement as well.


wenling - September 22

I had a non stress test on week36. But that was cos they did an ultrsound and saw that i have this 'aging' (huh??!! what's that?) placenta and also i suddenly could't feel my baby move. It may be his position that's changed, i can't be sure. I mean, he used to be so active and lively then suddenly nothing. I had a CTG and a doppler strapped to my tummy. I didn't have any contractions but my baby's heart rate was too consistant. Well, that's supposed to be a not-good sign. I remember it was a friday. So after the test my doctor asked me "So would you like it on monday or tuesday?" I was so freaked out!! I'm not saying this will happen to you.. The reason My doctor was so ready for me to deliver is cos of the consistant heartrate, the aging placenta and largely cos i was already so close to term that the benefits of delivering my baby early far outweighs it risks. the possibility of my baby in my 'inhospitable' womb suffering from mal nutrition as a result of the aging placenta was enough to make me paranoid. So I decided that my baby should 'evacuate'(makes me think of pple jumping on infaltable slides to get out of planes in an emergency) the womb on monday. I went in at 6.30am then was on pitocin by 7.30am. I was extremely sensitive to the drug and as a result, was fully dilated by 11.45am. By 12.29noon, i had my baby on my tummy! It's possible not to feel contractions. When i went in i was already dilated to 2cm and was having contractions of abt 110 on the ctg. But i felt nothing. So chances are, your doctor will try to keep your baby in your womb til as close to your due date as possible. Don't worry too much abt it, it was probably nothing. they just want to make sure everything is going fine in there.


wenling - September 22

oh just for the record, they ordered the NST cos I couldn't feel him move all of a sudden. My 'aging' placenta was discovered via u/s on week34, but apparently it wasn't that bad as long as i can feel baby moving constantly. At week 36, the white spots and holes on the placenta were more prominent , i don't feel him as often as i used to. I don't have pre-eclampsia so anything. So my baby was born on wk37 a healthy 7 pounder!


Stacey - October 11

I was on the thread reading about the NST test and I am scheduled for one this week. I am 28 weeks with fraternal twin girls. I constant movement from both my girls and their heartbeats are great, 141 & 151. I was diagnosed with gestional diabetes and wondered if that is why the test has been offered to me. Any suggestions on why I might need the test ? Thank You !


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 11

I didn't have one until a few days after I was overdue just to make sure baby was okay. That was on a Monday, that following Thursday I was scheduled for another one when I would have been 1 week overdue but the baby came that Wednesday night Aug. 17th


Lynn - October 11

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 14 weeks and gestational diabetes at 29 weeks. Starting next week, I'll be 34 weeks, I go in for NST and biophysical profiles weekly. Basically, both conditions can accelerate the aging of the placenta so they want to watch for that and be sure that the baby is doing o.k. and if it looks like the placenta is aging a little faster than normal they will choose to induce. Also, my baby has been measuring big since my first ultrasound at 8 weeks, dad was 9 lbs 13 ozs when born and looks like she is taking after her daddy. So that combined with the gestational diabetes could make for a REALLY large baby that they want to keep an eye out for. At my 28 weeks ultrasound she was weighed at 3 lbs 3 ozs, which is almost 1 lb heavy for that time. & my doctor is known for being preety close on weights - some doctors can be way off, but I've heard from several of the L&D nurses that he is usually right on give or a take an ounce or two. I'm actually looking forward to the tests, I haven't had any BH & am beginning to think that maybe I'm having them & I just don't feel them yet.. I sure hope so!


YC - October 11

Hello. I posted the original question. Stacey I am not sure why they are sending you for the NST's . I would ask the doctor for a clear explanation. They aren't bad though. I go every tuesday and Friday (I am 30 weeks) and will continue until the end of the pregnancy. I find them to be very relaxing and am glad that they are keeping such a close eye on the baby. I was sent due to lack of movement and now because of elevated blood pressure. I get an ultrasound once a week to check my fluid. Lyn I didnt know that high blood pressure could age your placents. Thanks for the info! My doctor is sending me in for another Level II ultrasound today to check her size and my placenta...I guess that's why. Good luck everyone!


Stacey - October 11

Thank you for the infomation. YC is sounds like it is a good test for me to have and I definitely will have to ask my doctor. I can use a test that is relaxing which is alot better than checking my blood sugar 4 times a day.


Stacey - October 14

I had my NST test yesterday and it went very well. Since I am having twins and have Gestational Diabetes I am going weekly.You were right it is very relaxing. Thank you for the advice.


YC - October 14

Hi Stacey, I am glad that it went well. I go twice a week and I kind of enjoy it. The nurses are great. Wow, twice the fun with twins huh. There is a woman that goes the same days as me and she is haveing triplets. It's so neat to hear the three tiny hearbeats. I love hearing my little one.


Stacey - October 14

YC what is the gender of your baby ? I am having fraternal twin girls and my it was traced from my great- grandmother who had them. My shower is in two weeks and I am trying not to go crazy baby shopping until then but I could not resist today when there were 80 % off sales on onezies. You are right it is so comforting & relaxing to hear the heatbeats.



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