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ry - June 19

Hi ladies. My little one is 11 weeks and has never been much of a "puker". She never really spits up much (she is primarily bf and gets about one bottle of formula per day, sometimes more) Anyways, her ped thinks she may have reflux because of very fussy eating sessions although she never spits up. Lately she started spitting up (after she started her reflux med) and I wonder could it be because of the medicine? Also when she was a newborn she spit up sometimes and it was really watery, this is really thick! Sorry to get graphic here but it is almost more like a gel than a liquid. Is this normal?


Ang - June 19

I'm not sure, my ds is formula fed and due to his having reflux was prescribed medication when he was tiny as well as started on rice cereal when he was 5 wks. He was more of a projectile vomiter and it was the consistancy of formula... except thicker. Ok I know that sounds dumb but it's the best I can do to describe it! lol Like I said in your other post... you may want to wait for a more experienced mom's opinion.


Bonnie - June 19

Ry, when they do not spit up they are called "silent refluxers". It is quite common for them to revert to being a spitter or to go back and forth. The medication might even set it off somewhat. When they are silent, the acid still comes up the throat but they swallow it back down (getting burned both ways). The medication nutralizes the acid (but does not stop the spitting up). She may not be swallowing it back down because the 'feel" is different since it does not burn her. Mason's spit up also went from thin and clear to super thick..................the only other thing you may want to question is if she has an allergy to the medication. Her barf might be very mucousy (though it cans till look that way and be normal). I would just keep an eye on her temperament and watch the color of her stools (black mioght indicate blood) for allergies. But if it seems to be helping and she is happy enough, then I say let her barf. ;)



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