Not Boiling Water For Formula

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laura8 - October 3

quick question....when did you stop pre boiling water you use to mix powdered formula with? my daughter is 8 months old and i started using regular, unboiled mineral water a few days ago and am second-guessing if this is a good idea or not.


ImpatientMommy - October 3

are you talking about unboiled water from the faucet? My daughter is 3 months and I use bottled water.


ImpatientMommy - October 3

I meant so say, I'm confused because you said mineral water so I don't know if you mean faucet water or bottled water.


c_baer19 - October 3

I use filtered water, not even bottled water, and my DD is only 2 months. She's mostly BF, though, only has had formula once or twice.


pregnant76 - October 3

I've used Brita filtered water from the very beginning but I only feed 1 to 2 bottles of formula in a day. My dd gets mostly b___stmilk.


lin7604 - October 3

i stopped boiling water for formula at 6 month. That is what my ped suggested.


madison - October 3

i never boiled the water. i used bottled water.


DDT - October 3

My doc told me to use boiled water until my ds is a year old.


DB - October 3

My dd is still going through my stash of frozen bm, but when we supplement with formula, we use un-boiled tap water. My MIL uses bottled water since they have nasty well-water.


MNMOM - October 3

We've always used tap water without a problem.


suze42 - October 3

OMG mnmom i love you! LOL. i use Brita filtered water...did w/my DS 5 as well and he did fine...there were a few times where we didnt fill the brita and had to use "GASP" tap water...and both of are kids have survived the no really, they are super healthy and never had any adverse affects..but we do try to use the filtered water mostly. I have NEVER boiled w/2 kiddos. and my ped never suggested it. We also have very good water quality here...we're like number 2 in crime,...but hey we have really good water...go figure.


isaacshotmomma - October 3

we have always used faucet water (although we do have a purifier) and both of my daughters are fine


Terio - October 4

I've never boiled water and also use water from the faucet.


JolieLucker - October 4

we use nursery water.. its already like pre steamed and tripple boiled.. whatever it comes in 2liter jugs and you can get it at babies r us, well thats where we get it at's muuuuuch easier and you dont have the guilt of the 'what if's'


aliciavr6 - October 4

I use gallon jugs of distilled water, but will probably switch to tap water soon. dd is 4 months old. I've never boiled, what a pain.


kimberly - October 4

I use tap water, my pedi said it was fine because we are on city water. I think if you are on well water then you should use nusery or distilled water.


kim00 - October 4

We use nursery water for the bottles, and continue to give it to our 4 year old, since it has flouride added to it.



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