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angela - October 5

hi my 5 month old doesnt want to drink her bottle. before she was drinking 8 0z every 4hrs now she only drinks 4 and doesnt want to drink the rest. even her early morning bottle when she doesnt eat anything for 9hrs she doesnt drink it all. what can it be? is this normal please help


Steph - October 5

My daughter did things like that when she was a baby and both my mom and her doc said that some babies will slow down their eating because they are getting ready for a growth spurt...I don't know if there has been any "research" on it, but she would go through stages of doing weird eating habits. I know that babies will eat when they are hungry and won't starve themselves. If your baby does not have a fever, diahareea (sp), lathergy, or any weird signs that there's something wrong with her, I'd bet she just does not want anything to should call your docs office just to be sure...good luck!


momma - October 5

if not (or less) eating and extra sleeping mean a growth spurt is coming im in trouble my nearly 6 mo. old is already 27 in and im guessing 20 pounds (i had to switch to a reversible carseat about a month ago) she has slowed dow on eating now for the 2nd day and has been sleeping more for about 3 days at least she isnt showing sighns of being sick and its not that much less that she is eating


d - October 5

My 7 month old also decreased in the amount of fliud from 8 oz to 6 now 5/6. He eats on regular schedule but sometimes may sleep more and skip a meal. Try feeding bottle while she is sleeping if you are worried she is lacking fluids.


Narcissus - October 5

Every time Aja hit a growth spurt, he slept more and ate less. It lasted a week, max.


KH - October 5

sounds like a growth spurt - my daughter always slept alot and at less during these. Typically, growth spurts happen at 6 mos, but again my daughter was always a few weeks early... :)


Steph - October 5

I would not recommend feeding your child while they are sleeping as d suggested...doesn't sound like a good idea to me.


angela - October 5

hi she didnt want her bottle today either she 2 8 oz bottles all day so i gave her some applesauce and cereal and she ate that just fine my mom says that she prob doesnt like that milk anymore and says that i should give her regular milk but that doesnt saund good to me. what do u think? she's only 5 months old.


Steph - October 5

No way!!! Don't give your baby under the age of one year cow's milk. I can't remember why, but it's something to do with their stomachs not being able to absorb all the stuff in the milk and it can cause potential allergies if introduced to the baby too least this is what I remember, but someone may want to add to what said..but don't give cow's milk, I do know that much!!


Tahlia's Mama - October 5

Tahlia was doing this about a week ago, acting totally dis-interested in all her bottles. It lasted four days then she was back to normal. Keep offering milk (b___st or formula) and they'll eat when they're hungry.


angela - October 6

no i wont give her cow's milk yet i know that she's too young, i changed the nipples and that kinda helped i think, hopefully this will pa__s soon :)


momma - October 6

i have been using a 2nd step formula it is for infants that are also eating solids you culd try that or mixing it with the formula that you allready use the 2nd step is closer to milk she might like it, and then you wouldnt have to go to milk just yet otherwise check with the dr to see if they have any ideas but as long as she doesnt have a fever and is gaining weight and getting fluids you shouldnt have to worry ( my little one is napping again i think she is starting to look a little less chubby)



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